Why fiber cement siding is a better choice than wood

Why fiber cement siding is a better choice than wood

There are many elements of a home worth remodeling, but few return the value on your investment like fiber cement siding replacement. Remodeling Magazine estimated that this type of siding delivers an 89 percent return on investment for homes in the South Atlantic region, which was the best for any upscale project. How does fiber cement differ from other types of siding? Here are the benefits to choosing this type of siding for your home:

Beauty and style

Because siding is such a visible element of a home, the discussion should begin with curb appeal. Fiber cement delivers a quality that is similar to cedar siding and other wood options known for their beauty. Functionality is almost a given with synthetic options like vinyl siding, but there is often a big deficit in the style department with vinyl.

Homeowners who want an attractive, textured look for a home that is available in a wide range of colors can turn to fiber cement siding. It equals the beauty of wood, but requires less maintenance to maintain its beauty.


Wood siding has the tendency to warp under the pressure of extreme weather. Rotting, chipping and other types of deterioration are also common for homes with wood siding. Fiber cement is far more durable. James Hardie Siding has options that can withstand hail damage and winds up to 150 mph. These sturdy materials are resistant to heat and precipitation common to the Atlanta area, and they are impervious to termites.

James Hardie products come with a 30-year warranty in some cases, which delivers far better durability than wood siding. Since it lasts much longer and does not require natural resources, fiber cement options are also much greener.

Low maintenance

Since wood siding expands and contracts under the stress of intense weather, you have to keep up with painting over the years. Fiber cement siding by James Hardie holds onto three to four times better than you get from wood, which keeps maintenance costs down over time.

Regular maintenance is also much easier when you choose fiber cement for your home's siding. By spraying a garden hose against James Hardie siding, you can remove the dirt and other substances that have stuck to the material. Aluminum siding that requires a special cleaning agent and wood siding are far more complicated to keep clean.

Long-lasting siding that protects a home has obvious advantages over wood options. Fiber cement siding brings the durability and low-maintenance aspect, as well as the beauty of the best siding on the market today.

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