Why It Is Smart to Choose “Green Roofers”

Why It Is Smart to Choose “Green Roofers”

Air quality is getting worse. And as scientists say, the earth is just continuing to get hotter.

Rather than worrying about what the government will do to improve the situation, many Atlanta-area residents are choosing to reduce their own impact on the local environment. In fact, you have many ways to reduce your carbon footprint in your home while increasing property value. Here is how green roofers can help you do your part.

Green roofing options

What does "green roofing" mean?

Generally, it refers to any technique a professional roofer may use to reduce waste and energy consumption while providing homeowners with durable roofing that is equal to other options on the market.

That may sound difficult, but going green can be achieved in everything from sourcing roof materials to its effect on your energy use, and how much can be reused when the roof is no longer useful.

Green roofers address the problem from a number of angles, so homeowners in Marietta and neighboring towns have choices.

Here are a few to consider:

  • Wooden shingles. Because trees require only sunlight to grow, wooden shingles have a very eco-friendly beginning as long as they are sourced from sustainable forests (i.e., Canadian cedar) or recycled wood. Wood shingles have shorter lifespans than other shingles, so that is one issue to consider. Fire resistance is something else to take into account.
  • Slate tiles. It is difficult to find a roofing material that last longer than slate tile, which is sometimes marketed with 100-year warranties. As with wood, slate is greenest when it is salvaged. Its durability is what makes it attractive.
  • Metal roofs. Unlike the old steel roofs, modern metal roofing does a good impression of wooden shake, tile and shingle roofs with even better reflective properties. Recycled content is in every metal roof, and this options gets even greener when you are finished with the materials. Metal roofing is 100 percent recyclable.

Save money with green roofers

When your roofing materials are sourced locally, the environment gets a break from the heavy diesel trucks that transport these materials across the country.

Long-lasting roofing that requires minimal energy during the production process saves power on your electrical grid so local families and municipalities can put it to better use. Once roofing is no longer useful, green options are recyclable. These materials stay out of landfills and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Your personal savings come from energy-efficient roofing and durable materials that never need replacing.

Not every green roofing type will work for every household. Contact Findlay Roofing to find out about your eco-friendly options in roof replacement and repair. As winner of Owens Corning's Green Pledge Recycling award, Findlay has been recycling shingles in the Atlanta area for years. Contact us to learn more about our full-cycle green roofing.

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