Why painting your house in the fall delivers the best results

Why painting your house in the fall delivers the best results

When you want to paint your home, timing is as important as the color and style of coating you choose. Intense heat in the Atlanta area makes summer a challenging time to get the job done. Here is why the early fall is the ideal time for painting your house.

Painting in the fall is best

Painting in a subtropical climate, such as Atlanta's, is best done outside of the hottest season. While spring is a decent time to paint, the presence of pollen in the air and the higher probability of rain complicate matters. Fall is best because temperatures in Henry and neighboring areas remain near the perfect levels — the Weather Channel recommends painting when temperatures are 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit — for paint to sink in naturally and deliver a smooth finish.

The type of paint you choose will have instructions for what temperature works best. Remember that paint takes a few days to fully dry, so you should begin work when you can expect stable temperatures for about a week. Exceptions may be made when a home's paint job is in very bad shape because it could save you money on prep work if you wait. Consult a professional to find out if your home can hang on until the fall.

Tips for painting your house and siding

Homeowners wondering about painting different surfaces of a home's exterior have their hands full. Generally, brushes and rollers work best on wood exteriors. This technique allows the paint to soak into the grooves of the wood so it can achieve the proper texture for waterproofing. Spray machines may be useful to put down the initial coat. Always take into account the types of days when the sun shines brightly during the day and temperatures dip by evening. These conditions make it difficult to get an excellent paint job.

If you plan to paint James Hardie siding or similar fiber cement products, you will need a primer designed for this material. Apply the primer within 6 months of having the siding installed. You will also need to apply topcoats intended for use on fiber cement, brick or stucco. Recommended applications for James Hardie products are available if you have this siding on your home.

In nearly every case, you are going to save a great deal of time or money when you entrust the job of painting your house to a professional. Doing it right the first time is worth the slightly higher expense. Findlay Roofing can help when you need a fresh paint job or other exterior design upgrades.

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