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Why replacing old windows makes sense

Are you motivated by the impact replacing old windows will have on the aesthetics of your DeKalb-area home? Often, old windows are unsightly, especially once you've upgraded siding, replaced the roof and invested in landscaping. Windows can be costly to replace, but doing so enhances the home's look and leads to other benefits.

Energy savings

According to the Department of Energy, inefficient windows can let a lot of heat energy escape. As much as 25 percent of your heating bill can escape out the windows.

Climate considerations

Homeowners living in Atlanta's warm climate can choose windows with special coatings designed to stop heat gain through the windows. The special coating stops heat before it can penetrate through the window, so your home's climate will be consistently comfortable.


With more efficient windows, you can enjoy a hassle-free day. Instead of opening drapes to let the heat in during winter and closing them to keep heat out during summer, you can relax and leave the drapes in place. You can enjoy the view out of your windows and let the light through without concern for heat gain or loss.


With consistent control, your home won't feel cold or drafty in winter from heat loss through the windows. In summer, you'll avoid hot zones. Both hot and cold zones can cause homeowners to adjust the thermostat, which uses more heating or cooling to compensate and further drives energy costs.

Less fading

It's well known that sun exposure over time fades furniture, flooring and anything else in its direct path. According to The National Fenestration Rating Council, single-pane glass deflects only 25 percent of UV rays from the sun. Insulated glass does a slightly better job by reflecting 40 percent of the rays. Windows designed to reflect heat through special coatings reflect as much as 74 percent of UV rays and greatly decrease fading. Replacing old windows, therefore, helps your investments in furnishings and flooring last longer.

With more efficient windows at work, you'll benefit from a nicer-looking home, energy savings, a controlled climate, better home comfort and less fading. For more information about replacing old windows or to talk to a representative about your options, contact the experts at Findlay Roofing today! We serve homeowners in DeKalb and the surrounding areas.

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