Why Stripping Roof Paint Should Be Left to Professionals

Why Stripping Roof Paint Should Be Left to Professionals

Do you have a layer of paint on your roof that you want to remove? Take a step back first and consider the benefits of a professional roof service. Stripping roof paint by yourself can invite trouble if you don't know what you are doing.

Here are several reasons to turn to an experienced contractor instead.

There are many types of roof paint

Do you know what kind of paint your roof has? Is it a factory coating designed to protect your roof tiles? Is it a coat of latex paint? Is it an elastomeric paint, like the sort used on many flat rooftops? Every type of paint requires a different process for proper removal, so unless you know what you are dealing with, it can be easy to make mistakes that will damage your roof in the long run. It's better to deal with an experienced professional who knows what kind of paint is used on rooftops and how to properly remove it.

Restoration projects are tricky

Stripping roof paint is often part of restoration projects designed to uncover the original materials used in homes and improve them. For example, you may want to strip paint off a copper roof to reveal its original color and use the classic metal in your home design. This again is an excellent reason to depend on professional help for stripping paint off rooftops. You do not want to risk damaging those valuable original materials if you do not have experience in the unique skills that restoration requires.

It takes experience to avoid roof damage

Restoration aside, stripping paint is a tedious but delicate process. From harsh chemicals to power washing, the methods that homeowners use to get rid of paints also have a chance of damaging the shingles or tiles beneath, making them susceptible to leaks, discolored, or loose enough to fly off in the next storm. Professionals know what techniques to use to avoid serious damage.

Conditions are often dangerous

Rooftop work always has an element of danger to it, and this is a perennial reason to depend on professionals if you do not have much experience in roof repair yourself. But when it comes to stripping paint, several additional dangers are also present. Older paint may contain lead, which requires proper removal and disposal to avoid serious problems. Strong chemicals may also need special handling to avoid burns - and soil contamination.

Stripping roof paint is only the first step

What happens after you finish stripping the paint from your roof? If you are not sure, this is another sign you should turn to professionals. Paint stripping is the first step in a process, not the final goal. After the paint is fully removed, your roof has to be cleaned and inspected for any additional problems: The process may reveal cracks in your flashing or sealant issues that need attention before they cause future problems. In many cases additional coatings may be needed to protect your rooftop.

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