Why You Shouldn't Neglect Water Stains on Your Ceiling

Why You Shouldn't Neglect Water Stains on Your Ceiling

It’s hard to imagine why a homeowner would ignore evidence of water leaking somewhere in the house, but it happens. Most homeowners aren’t deliberately trying to avoid the truth, but life is never simple. Work and family often consume free time to the point where home repairs end up at the back of the line. Water leaks are one home issue that shouldn't be ignored. Consider the following facts about water stains on ceilings. Hopefully you’ll be convinced that investigating any kind of water stain should take precedence over just about everything else in your home.

Don’t Pretend You Can’t See It

Unfortunately, a water stain on your ceiling isn’t like a food stain on the kitchen wall. There’s a reason the stain is there. The longer you ignore it, the worse the damage may be. If you’re like most people, once you notice a water stain, you’ll be obsessed with it until you figure out the cause and take care of the fix. Other people avert their eyes every time they walk into the room, hoping it goes away. It’s not going away! Whether it’s your shrinking home repair budget that scares you, or fear that you won’t be able to fix it yourself, don’t pretend the stain isn’t there. You could end up with a more serious home repair, and a bigger dent in your budget.

But I’m Not Sure I Want to Know

Make no mistake. You want to know. First, you need to investigate any leak in your home to find the source and figure out how to perform damage control. A water stain on your ceiling may indicate a plumbing leak. It could also be the result of an issue with your roof. Neither problem is going anywhere on its own. If you have a water leak, you'll need to pay for more than a paint job. Leaking water that goes unchecked can damage the structure of your home. Further, leave it alone long enough and you may end up with timber rot.

It Could Be a Roof Leak

A plumbing problem is bad enough, but a leaking roof is also serious business. If you’ve determined the water stain is not due to plumbing leaks, the next place to look is the roof. If the ceiling with the stain is on the top floor of your home, you’re almost guaranteed to find a roof issue. Count on getting up on a ladder to examine the gutters and the roof. You may be surprised at what you find in the gutters. Either way, any debris must be cleared. Look for clogged gutters and either clean them out yourself or hire a professional. If your inspection doesn’t reveal the cause of the water stain, call a local roofing company to come out and give their professional opinion.

The Negative Effect of Neglect

When you choose to neglect taking care of a water stain on the ceiling, you may find that what could have been a small repair job grows to an extensive and expensive restoration project. Water must go somewhere. If it continues to leak, even if it’s just a small drip, gravity continues to pull it downward. If you started with a small stain on the ceiling, ignoring it could mean water damage in the walls as well. Fear is normal when it comes to leaky roofs and stains on ceilings. Just don’t let it paralyze you. Contact a roofing contractor today to inspect. You just might sleep better!

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