Wildfire Awareness and the Urgency of Calling a Roofing Contractor

Wildfire Awareness and the Urgency of Calling a Roofing Contractor

home-fire-safeWe usually think that a well-maintained roof can increase the curb appeal of a house. In fact, the roof is one of the areas of your home which needs a thorough inspection during spring cleaning. But along with doing home improvement projects this season, homeowners ought to be aware of the risk of wildfires - especially because summer is fast approaching.

According to the recent report released by carolinalive.com, the South Carolina Forestry Commission and the National Fire Protection Agency conducted a spring cleaning initiative which promotes wildfire awareness. The article further elaborated the importance of keeping the roof and gutters clean and free from dry leaves and debris - something professional roofers do best:

"We can sweep that off and clean the gutters off so it won't dry out and be a fuel source for any embers that might land on the roof because the wind will pick embers up and move them to other places," Prince explained, as he removed vegetative debris from one section.

While you're up on that roof, Prince added that you also want to make sure to cut any tree limbs down that are close to your home in case they should catch fire. After cleaning out the gutters, it was time for some yard work.

Apart from keeping the roof and gutters free from any debris and dry leaves, homeowners must make sure that these areas are free from damage as well. Old roofing shingles, such as wood shingles, should be immediately replaced as these can be vulnerable to fire. It is important to seek the advice of professional roofing contractors in the area to get an assessment about the condition of your roof.

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(Article Excerpt and Image From How to keep the outside of your home fire-safe, carolinalive.com)

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