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Window Screens: Repairs made easy with these tips

They seem minor but can be a nuisance. Tears in window screens are unsightly to look at, but in your Atlanta-area home, they can let in all kinds of bugs. Don't think that the entire screen is a wash if there's one tiny hole — or even a relatively large hole. You can keep the screen and your sanity, with a few easy fixes that keep the bugs outside — where they belong.

How to fix a rip

When window screens have a pretty straight rip that you can push together to create a seal, you can stitch the tear to make the repair.

  • Take the screen out if you can.
  • Remove any frayed edges.
  • Use fishing line and a needle.
  • With a knot at the end of the line, move the needle through the edge of the screen's tear.
  • Go back and forth over the tear, closing up the seam.
  • Once you've closed it up, knot the line and apply colorless nail polish over the seam to give the seal more strength.

How to fix a hole

When the hole is circular or jagged, you'll need to patch it.

  • Remove the screen.
  • Cut the same shaped-hole out of a roll of screen, but make the shape slightly larger so it will overlap the hole.
  • Use a needle and fishing wire to sew around the edges of the hole.
  • Apply nail polish to finish it off.

You can also opt to bypass using a needle and thread, and instead, snip the edges of an extra-large patch on all sides so that the wires look frayed.

  • As you lay the patch down, work the wires that stick out, and you can bend them down and through the existing window screen.
  • Manually thread the wires through a few of the holes on each side to create a tight seal.

Window screen repairs help you save money. If you try a repair and don't like the look, you can also replace all of the screen with new material; however, this project requires a bit more expertise, patience and time. If you'd like more advice about window screens, gutters or siding, or roof repairs, contact Findlay Roofing today! We're also happy to help with window screen replacements. Just give us a call today!

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