Winter Weather Forecast: What to Do to Prepare

Winter Weather Forecast: What to Do to Prepare

Winter weather can be particularly hard on your roof and siding. Make sure that your roof is in tip-top shape this season… and that your house is prepared to deal with the unique problems winter causes.

Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation seems like a weird place to start, however, during winter your house is usually sealed up tight. This causes a lot of moisture to gather in the regions of your attic. If that water vapor cannot escape, it will start to condense on your attic walls. Before long you'll have moisture damage that is very bad for your roof structure.

The key to preventing this condensation is to have a properly vented attic. Make sure your vents are opened and not blocked by any debris. If you don't have any attic vents or if you start to notice condensation problems, contact a professional for an inspection and advice.

Roof Materials

If your roof has weak or worn materials, winter will exploit them. A site inspection can go a long way at this point. Climb up (safely!) to your roof and inspect the shingles and flashing. Are your shingles or tiles old and worn? They could fall victim to a winter weather storm. Is your flashing rusted, bent, or cracked? That's a leak waiting to happen during the next rainstorm. Get worn down or missing pieces of your roof fixed now so you won't have to worry about serious repairs later.

Siding Check

Siding, fortunately, is less complex than roofing. However, you should still do a site check to make sure that all of your siding is free of damage. Siding cracks and loose siding are major signs that there's a problem, as powerful winter winds can rip siding off and cause major damage.

Seals and Weatherproofing

Atlanta gets a lot of precipitation in the winter. If temperatures drop low enough for water to go through a freeze or melt cycle on your roof—you could be faced with a long-term moisture attack. If you want to stop this moisture from causing leaks, your sealant needs to be solid. Check the caulking around your roof, windows, and other areas. Look for missing pieces or worn-out sections. Re-caulk or reseal if necessary.

Clearing Debris and Branches

Winter weather can introduce a lot of new debris to your roof, but it's the old debris you need to watch out for first. Dirt, needles, and leaves can all create moisture traps that cause flooding and trapped water. This can lead to moisture damage. Clean out your gutters and the valleys of your roof when getting ready for winter.

This is also a smart time to check any surrounding trees and shrubs in your yard. Is there dead growth? Cut it back before a windstorm turns those branches into missiles. Likewise, cut back any overhanging branches or shrubs that are getting too friendly with your siding.

For further help, enlist the guidance of the professionals at Findlay Roofing.

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