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Wood Siding Termite Prevention Tips

While wood siding is commonly thought to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing exteriors for homes, it is prone to problems and requires careful maintenance. Termites in particular are a concern whenever wood siding is employed. Here are some wood siding termite prevention tips that will help you to avoid the issue and ensure your siding lasts.

  • Don't let wood make contact with the ground. Termites generally live in the ground, and when wood makes direct contact with it, termites are attracted to the food source. The wood also makes a great home for the termites. If the ground around your home's foundation is too high, it pays to remove the soil and leave at least six inches or more between the ground and the wood siding.
  • Control moisture. Termites are also baited into the wood structure by moisture. Limiting moisture is a key wood siding termite prevention step. They'll come closer to the wood siding if the ground around it is moist. Ensure that the ground slopes away from the home. Keep the drainage system in good so that water is ushered away from the home.
  • Check the crawl space. Humid conditions in the crawl space can also attract termites. Hire a professional to assess the area, and ensure that an effective system of insulation, vapor barrier and exhaust is in place.
  • Be savvy. Avoid storing firewood or other wood items next to the home's foundation or in the crawl space. They will attract termites as a food source and also provide a means for the termites to gain access to the home. Limit the use of mulch around the home, too, as termites are attracted to its ability to retain moisture. These smart strategies are an essential part of wood siding termite prevention.

If you suspect problems, you have some options. If you've never had your home inspected for termites, call a professional. An expert can help you determine the best strategy, which may involve both pest control and prevention measures such as using chemicals to avoid future problems.

For help with your siding questions or repairs, or for wood siding termite prevention advice, contact Findlay Roofing today!

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