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The craftsmanship of specialty shingle installation: what to expect

Changing your roof is quite time-consuming and comes with protocols and hassles. It is a project that you must execute with proper planning, and it is necessary to know what to expect during the process before embarking on it. This article will discuss what to expect when installing a new roof and a step-by-step analysis of specialty shingle installation.

The process of roof installation

To start the process, a professional roofing contractor inspects your roof to take the necessary measurements to provide an educated estimate. This inspection must thoroughly check for any underlying rot or structural issues. After estimates on the materials, timeline, and price, the roofer then secures the necessary approvals and permits from the building commission in that area. Once the permits are secured, roof deck preparation involves removing old flashing, vents, nails, and debris to create space for new materials. Before installing the new shingles, proper protective underlayment and flashing and vent replacement are crucial to prevent leakage and keep water out of vulnerable areas like valleys, vents, and chimneys. Meticulous installation of the specialty shingles follows depending on the pattern, be it asphalt or architectural shingles. They must be well-positioned and installed to prevent errors. Decorative ridges and edge treatments also follow for finishing after the roof installment.

Specialty shingles

When choosing shingles for your home, the type of shingles you choose plays a role in determining the longevity of your roof and how appealing your home looks on the outside.

Asphalt vs architectural shingles

  1. Asphalt shingles consist of a fiberglass foundation covered with asphalt and capped with ceramic granules, while architectural shingles consist of ceramic-coated minerals with a fiberglass mat base.
  2. Asphalt shingles are thinner and less costly than architectural shingles, which are usually more high quality with dramatic appearances.
  3. Asphalt shingles have a 15-30-year warranty, while architectural has a 25-50-year warranty.
  4. Even though asphalt shingles have a decent lifespan, they are affected by ice caps, algae, and spiking temperatures. Architectural shingles are more prone to high winds, stand up well in stormy conditions, and have decent roof insulation.

Architecture shingle

Also known as laminated or dimensional shingles, they are among the highest-quality roofing products. It has a heavy fiberglass mat base tightly embedded in carefully refined, water-resistant asphalt. It is specially engineered to create architectural interest for the roof, utilizing the individual shingle's contour, cut, and dimensional thickness. Architecture shingle is durable because of its thick and robust layering that can withstand harsh weather elements and last up to 50 years in optimal conditions. Its aesthetic appeal, versatility, and attractiveness make it quite expensive compared to others. It is about 50% heavier than other shingles in weight difference and could pose a problem if your house cannot bear the load.

Dimensional roof shingles

These are also architectural shingles with a variety as they are layered and notched at varying points, creating a depth and design resembling slate or wood shakes. Dimensional shingles are also more uniform, with a steady repeating pattern in style. Pros of dimensional shingles

  • They have a long lifespan of between 25-30 years
  • Available in a variety of colors which make them very attractive
  • Superior durability and highly resistant to weather.

The cons of dimensional roof shingles are they are more pricey and are susceptible to algae and mildew.

Tile roof types

When deciding the tile roof to use, certain things must come to mind: the cost of the tile, how long it will last, and the aesthetic value it brings to the building. Presently, the commonly used tile roof types are;

  1. Clay roof tiles: they have a long lifespan and are easy to maintain
  2. Concrete roof tiles: these are easy to maintain and very eco-friendly
  3. Slate roof tiles: these are strong and fire-resistant
  4. Composite roof tiles are lighter and have a warranty of up to 50 years.

Each roofing project is unique, so at project completion, we carry out a thorough final inspection to ensure the quality of work and any lingering issues that may occur are solved before payment. We are the industry leader and Atlanta's most trusted and recommended roofer. To get the best quality craftsmanship and services in your home, office, or new endeavor, contact us at Findlay Roofing and watch your project move smoothly.

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