The Different Varieties of Roofing Materials

The Different Varieties of Roofing Materials

Are you thinking about getting a new roof for your home? Or are you simply interested in the materials that make up roofing? Well, there are plenty of materials to choose from regarding what will keep us safe from the elements. They all have advantages and disadvantages, from durability to price, but let this article serve you as your one-stop guide to the different types of roofing materials.

Roof Replacement

First, if you are here looking to replace your roof, you might be curious about the cost. That will differ depending on your roofing material, but you should expect to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 for your roof replacement.

Rolled Roofing

If you are more concerned with price than aesthetics, then rolled roofing is probably the way you want to go. As the name implies, this roofing is rolled over and then attached with nails or a torch. Not only is rolled roofing cheap, but it isn't particularly durable either. You can expect rolled roofing to last anywhere between five to 10 years.


Chances are, you've seen asphalt roofing shingles countless times in your life; you just didn't know the name for it. These shingles are the most popular roofing material in all of North America. They are in the middle of the road in every aspect, making them so popular. They're durable enough (should last 20-30 years), are on the lower end of the average price, and look nice to boot. Specifically, these shingles are good for adapting to your roof's natural expansion and contraction.


There are several types of metal roofs to choose from. A standing seam metal roof very much so looks like a metal roof. If you appreciate an industrial look, it is quite a nice aesthetic. Or, if you prefer a more traditional look, you can go with metal roof shingles. Both are in the same ballpark regarding price and durability, so they are listed in the same section. Metal roofs are more expensive than asphalt by a good amount, but they also last a bit longer. Whereas asphalt roofs typically last 20-30 years, metal roofs can last 30-50 years.


You are likelier to see tile shingles in southern climates with a bit saltier air. Clay tiles are about as expensive as metal roofing but much more durable. Those with clay tile shingles can expect their roofs to withstand the elements for a century or even longer.


Concrete is installed similarly to clay tiles, the advantage being that clay tiles are a little bit less expensive. Not only is it less expensive, but it is a little bit less durable. However, it looks great, and you can expect concrete tiling to keep you and your family cozy for 50 years or longer.


Slate is a classic material used for roofing, and it makes sense considering the price point has a wide range and the material itself is very durable. The real price difference comes with other roofing materials because slate installation is a highly specialized skill.

By the way, when we say very durable, we mean very durable. Slate tile is known as the most durable material for roofing and can last anywhere from 75 to 150 years, though slate roofs out there are hundreds of years old.

A Living Roof

This is the most unique entry on our list. Normally, if a bunch of stuff is growing on your roof, it might cause concern. That's not the case here. With a living roof, you use moss and other living materials to cover your home from the elements.

There are some benefits to a living roof, such as removing pollutants from your air, absorbing rainwater, and the fact that aesthetically it is different from any other type of roof you'll see.

The problems with living roofs are two-fold. They can be incredibly expensive to install and require a lot of upkeep to keep your roof in good shape (which can also cost a lot of money.)

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