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Can You Install Gutter Guards on Existing Gutters?

Installing Gutter Guards on Existing Gutters: Expert Guide and Tips

Most of the gutter guards can be installed on existing gutters. It's an easy process that requires no special tools or skills, especially when installing brush or foam gutter guards. Regular gutter cleaning is mandatory to prevent water leaks in your home. This helps protect your home and the edge of the roof. Because when gutters are clogged, they'll overflow and cause damage. At Findlay Roofing, our experts guide you through the gutter installation, safeguarding and enhancing your home. We're renowned for our attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship across Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta, and beyond. We offer top-tier residential and commercial gutter replacement services, always at fair prices

Having no gutter is better than having a clogged gutter. Clogged gutters can cause rot, leaks, and other severe and costly problems. This is why installing guards can benefit homeowners as it works against clogs, keeping the leaves and other debris out of your gutters. Following our tips, you can easily install a gutter guard on existing gutters. It's a cost-effective DIY project. However, for some gutter guards systems like micro mesh gutter guards or reverse curve systems, you must seek professional help. At Findlay Roofing, we specialize in guiding you through installation, ensuring your home remains safeguarded and structurally sound.

Can You Install Gutter Guards on Existing Gutters?

How to Choose the Right Gutter Guards? And How to Install Them?

Different varieties of gutter guards may have different levels of installation complexity. Select the ideal gutter guards depending on your home's location and design. Here's our guide on choosing the right one-

  • Foam Gutter Guards : Simple to install, these guards require trimming to fit perfectly on the gutters. They're effective at keeping debris out but less suitable for freezing temperatures.

  • Brush Gutter Guards : Easiest to install; these guards block leaves and large debris. Regular cleaning is needed to prevent buildup, with a lifespan of up to five years or more.

  • Screen Gutter Guards : DIY-friendly with various styles, they require some tools and hardware. They're good at blocking debris but can be challenging to clean. Their longevity is around five to ten years.

  • Micro Mesh Gutter Guards : Similar to screens but with smaller holes, highly effective and low-maintenance, lasting 20 years or more.

  • Reverse-Curve Gutter Guards : Installed by professionals, they're good for large debris but can be expensive and challenging to clean. They come with warranties of 40 years or longer.

Installation Steps

  1. Measure Your Gutters : Determine the size of your existing gutters to choose the right guards.

  2. Purchase Gutter Guards : Select guards compatible with your gutters.

  3. Read Instructions : Follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

  4. Gather Equipment : You'll need gloves, a ladder, a drill, and more.

  5. Clean Gutters : Remove debris and check for leaks.

  6. Trim Guards : If necessary, trim the guards to fit.

  7. Install Guards : Follow instructions for placing guards inside gutters. Some types, like micro mesh guards, they're installed under roof shingles.

  8. Secure Guards : Use fasteners if needed, such as screws or hangers.

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Installing the gutter guards might sound like the easiest job, but some risks are involved. You can rely on a professional to determine the correct gutter guards for your gutters or install the complex guard types.

Findlay Roofing is Atlanta's trusted roofing expert with an exceptional track record. With thousands of roofs secured and a wealth of experience, our 4.7 Google rating attests to our expertise. For gutter solutions in Atlanta and beyond, contact Findlay Roofing today for a quote on installing gutter guards and ensuring your home's protection.


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