3 Ways Winter Weather Affects Your Roof

3 Ways Winter Weather Affects Your Roof

Thankfully, Georgia experiences mild winters compared with most states in the U.S. Unfortunately, Georgia's winter weather still can affect your roof in some serious ways. Here are the most common forms of roof damage that can occur during the cold winter months.

1. Water Damage

Freezing rain can seriously damage your roof. This is particularly problematic if ice builds up in your gutter and prevents water from draining properly from your roof. Extensive water damage can also occur if your area experiences heavy rain and the accumulated water gets under your shingles and into your home. Even just a few inches of water can cause extensive interior home damage by affecting electrical wiring and causing mold to grow inside the home. Both slanted and flat roofs are susceptible to water damage.

2. Snow Damage

Georgia may not get a lot of snow, but even a few inches can cause plenty of problems. This is especially risky if your home's roof is flat or designed in such a way that snow cannot easily fall down the sides. Snow may melt fairly quickly thanks to the heat emitting from your home; however, it can enter through cracks in your roof if there is more snow on your roof than your gutters can handle.

Unfortunately, many homeowners attempting to clear snow off their roofs often do more harm than good. Using a snow shovel to remove snow from the roof can damage the shingles. Some homeowners unwisely use either rock salt or calcium chloride to melt the snow on the roof, inadvertently damaging shingles and in some cases even voiding any warranty for roofing repair work and/or replacement.

3. Wind Damage

Wind damage during the winter is not uncommon. Loose and/or old roof shingles can be blown off entirely by a blustery winter wind. This damage is compounded when the winter wind is accompanied by hail or sleet, as the small chunks of ice can weaken your shingles, allowing the wind to carry them off with greater ease.

Throughout the Atlanta area, there's no denying the fact that winter can weather affect your roof. Thankfully, you can take steps to protect your roof during the winter, such as removing any snow carefully yet quickly and checking your gutters regularly to ensure that water is draining properly. At the same time, professional help is always available to ensure a roof is in good condition at all times. Findlay Roofing offers roofing repair and replacement that is second to none. All customers are entitled to a free roof analysis, and materials used for any repair jobs all come from top-quality manufacturers. Our staff is well trained, and we offer a 10-year warranty.

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