4 Signs You Have a Gutter Problem on Your Hands

4 Signs You Have a Gutter Problem on Your Hands

Atlanta homeowners notice problems with gutters every time rain hit their roofs. The problem may also turn up as water accumulates in and around the home. It is important to act quickly when a gutter problem of this nature arises. Here are four signs that you have a serious issue with your drainage system:

1. Puddles near rain spouts.

Water pooling close to the home is a sign a drainage system is failing. Any time you see puddles outside, the water seeps into the ground. When this happens, it's possible for water to reach a home's foundation. This type of damage could compromise a house's structural integrity and lead to expensive repairs. If action is taken quickly, the fix may only involve extending drains away from the home.

2. Water stains in the basement.

If there are not any puddles outside yet, but there are water stains in the basement, a gutter problem could be the cause. Though there may not be enough water to collect yet, there could be weaknesses in the drainage system. These weaknesses are what allow the water to get inside. Mold or cracking in paint and wall materials are signs that moisture is getting in the building. Bad rain spouts are often the cause.

3. Leaks in the upper floors.

Most Alpharetta homeowners would guess a roof leak is the cause of water inside the upper floors of their homes. That would be a good guess. Another cause could be leaking gutters that are spraying water into walls and windows. Holes, clogs and detached sections of the drainage system could lead to water running off and into the home.

4. Damage to the exterior.

Water leaving a home's gutters instead of draining properly will create damage to the exterior. Paint peeling and chipping, weathered siding, or other obvious water damages indicate a drain issue. Check areas that are away from gutters to see if the damage is consistent. Otherwise, look to the roof to pinpoint the problem.

Gutter trouble can lead to serious damage in everything from a home's exterior to its foundation. When the warning signs emerge, contact Findlay Roofing. They'll do free analysis of your roof system today.

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