5 Important Commercial Roofing Maintenance Tips

5 Important Commercial Roofing Maintenance Tips

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It's impossible to overstate the importance of maintaining your commercial roof. There are even a lot of things that you can do yourself to make sure your roof stays in tip-top shape for years to come. When your roof does need repair, make sure that you hire the best professionals for the job. In the meantime, you can keep your roof looking great and doing its job for years with these essential commercial roofing maintenance tips.

Clean off the Roof

Once a week or so, before you go into work, check and see if there are areas where the roof needs to be cleared off. There may be a pile of leaves stuck in one of the valleys of the roof, or a tree branch that's threatening to cause some damage to shingles that should be cleared off. If you can do so safely, clear these problematic areas, or call for professional help.

Clear Field Drains and Gutters

It's best to be vigilant about checking the field drains and gutters. If debris such as leaves, nests, or dirt is allowed to collect in the gutters, you could end up with standing water on the roof that could lead to leaking and water damage to your building. With the field drain, make sure it's clear, particularly after heavy wind or storms, so that water isn't allowed to pool and damage your property.

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Check for Damage

Often, despite your best efforts, damage will happen. Severe weather can strike when you're least expecting it, and this is often the cause of the most severe roof damage. For example, a storm could rip through the area and tear shingles off the roof, or heavy hail or rain can chip and flake shingles or get moisture or water into your building. Be aware of the signs of damage, such as gravel on the ground around the perimeter of the building, which could mean damaged shingles. Signs of water damage in the building include yellowing spots on the ceiling.

Invest in a Roof Walkway

No matter how surefooted you are, accidents can happen anytime to anyone. Because regular roof inspections are so important, you may want to consider installing a roof walkway so that you and/or your staff can walk the roof safely to inspect for damage or to clear off the roof as needed. A roofing contractor may be able to help provide some guidance regarding the best type of roofing walkway for your space.

Call Professionals

Perhaps the best thing that you can do if you suspect roof damage is to call the professionals. From performing regular roof inspections to cleaning or to repairs and replacements, a licensed and insured roofing contractor can help you make sure your roof always stays in great shape.

Keeping your commercial roof clean, clear and functioning well will give you lots of peace of mind as well as help you save money on potentially costly roof repairs and replacement. By incorporating a few good habits into your monthly routine, you'll be able to keep the roof over your head from springing a leak or worse.

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