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5 popular siding materials that are not vinyl

Though vinyl siding remains the most popular choice for homes around the country, the quality of Bartow County properties often demands better options. Alternatives to vinyl may cost a bit more, but keeping a higher level of curb appeal is often worth it for area homeowners.

Here are five popular siding materials to consider when you want a solid alternative to vinyl.

1. Wood. For a natural look, wood siding is the perfect alternative to vinyl. Homeowners have options in horizontal lap siding, shake or wood shingle. With the proper protective coating and maintenance, wood shingles can last for decades, despite the myth that organic materials generally have shorter lifespans than synthetic and stone alternatives. Few materials can best wood when it comes to curb appeal too.

2. Fiber Cement. For a vinyl alternative that is as durable and far more attractive, many homeowners in the Atlanta suburbs are turning to fiber cement siding. Beautiful to behold, capable of resisting termites and enduring winds up to 150 miles per hour, fiber cement products by James Hardie offer a solution that can accommodate any home style. Fiber cement also has a very high return on investment when you are undertaking an upscale remodeling project.

3. Stucco. Homes of the American Southwest often feature stucco siding, which works well in dry climates and adds character not associated with vinyl siding. This choice in siding materials works best as a solution to large exterior surfaces. One downside is the amount of maintenance involved with stucco. Regular, careful cleaning is a must to keep a stucco exterior looking good on a home, as is a solid vapor barrier.

4. Stone. Natural stone siding provides an unmatched layer of depth to a home's exterior, but this siding works best when it is the original choice for a home. Nonetheless, it delivers a worthy alternative to vinyl in natural stone or stone veneer, which consists of an outer layer of stone that covers synthetic materials. Homeowners concerned about the sustainability of stone siding can opt for engineered stone as a green alternative.

5. Brick. In terms of durability, brick needs no endorsement. It can last as long as any element of your home, so choosing brick veneer ("thin brick") as your siding of choice works as long as the installation is handled by a professional company. Protective membranes serve as the barrier against exterior moisture. Historical homes benefit the most from this choice in siding.

There are many siding materials that remain popular alternatives to vinyl. Let Findlay Roofing walk you through the best options in fiber cement and other type of siding.

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