5 Questions to Ask Roofers When Roofing Gets Confusing

5 Questions to Ask Roofers When Roofing Gets Confusing

It is normal for homeowners to have questions for roofing professionals following an inspection or repair. In many cases, you may have heard strange terms brought up during repairs for the first time in your life. Here are five questions to ask roofers that will clear up confusing roofing topics.

1. What is the difference between blistering, curling and buckling shingles?

The majority of homeowners in Fayette and Paulding County have shingle roofs. Common problems with shingles are curling, buckling and blistering. Buckling shingles that start forming a tee pee effect are often the result of improperly applied roofing felt or movement in the actual roof deck. Curling results from problems with roof felt, while blistering (similar to pock marks) is the result of heat and moisture damage.

2. What are soffit vents and how do they protect a home?

Proper attic ventilation is one of the keys to roof maintenance, but finding the right equation for your home takes the care of a professional. In some cases, the solution will be putting a home's soffit vents to work. Soffit vents take in air on the underside of the roof and allow for a flow through the ridge vents near the roof peak. When soffit vents are covered with insulation, ventilation becomes impossible.

3. What is roof flashing and why is it important?

Many of the popular questions to ask roofers revolve around flashing, the metal you see covering joints and intersections of roofing. When flashing is damaged around the chimney or dormers of a home, you face the risk of water damage. Fortunately, repairs to flashing are often inexpensive and usually can be avoided with proper installation.

4. How do ice dams occur on roofs?

Roofs that do not have proper ventilation and insulation leave a home vulnerable to ice dams, the blocks of ice that form on, in, or around gutters. Without attic insulation, heated air will reach the top of your roof. Snowfall will hit this roof area, melt and run down the roof. Once it hits the bottom of the roof that is not heated, the water becomes ice. Homes with this problem are open to severe roof damage.

5. Should algae growth worry a homeowner?

It is common to find algae on your home after years of hot, humid Atlanta summers, but it should not worry you. Algae growth is merely a cosmetic roofing problem and will not impact the structural integrity of your roof. Shingle stain removal is the simple solution to fix this unsightly roof issue.

Whenever you have questions to ask roofers, Findlay Roofing is here to answer them. Contact us for a roof inspection or fast, reliable service when you have roof trouble.

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