5 Signs You Need New Attic Insulation

5 Signs You Need New Attic Insulation

When your home's attic insulation is doing its job, it is helping to keep the heat in your home when it's chilly, and keep the warm air out in the summer. Insulation also helps control the moisture levels in your home and can block out sounds. But insulation doesn't last forever. Here are five signs it is time to get new attic insulation.

1. Your Utility Bills Have Increased

If your heating or cooling bill seems to be increasing for no reason, it could be that you need new attic insulation. The older your insulation, the more like it is to be worn out and not as effective at keeping warm air in or blocking heat or cold. As a result, your energy bills creep up, even if you don't think you're running the heater or air conditioner more than usual. In areas around Atlanta, new attic insulation can shave anywhere from 9 to 14 percent of off your annual heating and cooling bill.

2. You See Icicles on the Roof During Winter

Icicles might look pretty, but they also signal a pretty big problem. Heat rises in the winter, and if your attic insulation is worn out, it will rise right up to the roof. If there's any moisture or snow on your roof, the heat from the attic will melt it. But, by the time the water gets to the edge of the roof and the gutters, it will freeze again, creating heavy icicles. Thanks to the weight of the icicles, you might need a full roof replacement, along with new insulation.

3. Some Rooms Are Warmer Than Usual

When the attic isn't properly insulated, the temperature in your home is likely to feel uneven in certain rooms. Some rooms might be hotter than others or might feel warmer than they felt in past summers. In the cooler months, some rooms might be colder than others.

4. You Feel Drafts

Insulation helps cut down on draftiness in your home. When insulation is old and worn, outside air is able to get in and move throughout the home, creating breezes and drafts.

5. Your Insulation Appears Old and Worn

Sometimes, you can just look at the insulation and know that it's time for a replacement. If you see mold or water spots on the insulation, you'll be better off getting new insulation. Older types of insulation can also pose a health hazard, as it could contain asbestos, according to This Old House. If you know that your insulation was installed before 1990 and it's grainy with shiny pieces in it, it's best to call in a professional to replace it.

If your home is hot in summer and cold in winter, or you notice any of the signs above, contact Findlay Roofing to learn more about your attic insulation options today. With the proper insulation, you can enjoy a more comfortable home and lower energy costs.

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