5 Tips to Protect Flat Roofs From Winter Weather

5 Tips to Protect Flat Roofs From Winter Weather

Flat roofs are all the rage these days, but they can lead to a great deal of frustration if they are not well maintained. Avoid costly rooftop repairs by giving your flat roof a little attention. Here are five tips for properly maintaining flat roofs.

1. Prioritize Safety

Flat roofs can be safer than peaked roofs to walk on, but you still need to take every precaution. Wear shoes with soles that grip, ask a friend to hold your ladder, but better still, contact a professional roofing company to perform the inspection.

2. Check for Puddles

Minor sags in your roof can be hard to spot with the naked eye, but they usually signal serious flaws. After it has rained, check for pools of water. Every flat roof is slightly pitched, so puddles should never form. If you see any puddles, it is a sign you may need to contact a roofer to correct the problem. Next, check the flashing, where your walls meet the flat roof, for caulking flaws. If you see gaps, contact a roofing company. Sometimes houses shift naturally, and the seams may need more caulk.

3. Perform Fall Cleaning Tasks

Debris acts like a sponge. Remove leaves from your roof periodically, or they will soak up and hold moisture and weight. Remove branches hanging over your flat roof to protect your roof from falling leaves, twigs or branches that may cause damage. After a particularly severe storm, it's a good idea check for any damage or schedule a post-storm inspection from your roofing company.

4. Clear Your Drain

Your flat roof should have at least one drain hub. About once a year, remove the hubs with a wrench and spray the drains with a hose. This will reduce buildup. If you notice pooling or discover that your drain is blocked, contact your roofing company to clear the drain and inspect the roof for any hidden water damage.

5. Be Proactive During Winter

The four steps above can prolong the lifespan of most flat roofs. However, homeowners living in colder climates can prevent leaks by removing snow from their flat roofs after a snowfall. Avoid an icy roof by shoveling as soon after the weather has passed as possible.

With these steps, homeowners with flat roofs can rest assured they're doing all they can to prevent problems. If you could use a hand with your roof maintenance or you notice a problem with your roof, contact the team at Findlay Roofing today.

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