5 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

5 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

It's a homeowner victory when a big home project both fixes an issue and increases home value - especially if you are planning selling in the near future. If you want to boost your asking price, help your house sell quickly, or just build extra equity, these are the top home projects proven to make a real difference.

New Appliances Always Impress

Are the appliances in your home 10 years old or older? Then you may be able to significantly boost the value of your home by replacing them with newer, more efficient appliances. Appliance replacement is also a versatile project, allowing you to target many different areas of the house, including bathrooms and HVAC units. Replacing kitchen appliances with updated models resonates with homebuyers, especially if you use this opportunity to switch to modern, stainless steel versions.

Consumer Reports estimates a project like this can boost home value between 3 and 7 percent. However, new appliances do have a high initial cost, so plan out your replacements carefully.

More Room Means Higher Value

Since homes are often valued - both on paper and by the eye - by how much livable space they have, adding more space via a renovation can significantly increase its value. The key is creating versatile space that can function as an additional room: Common projects include a sunroom, a basement converted into a den or entertainment room, and an attic made into a bedroom. You can also consider knocking down walls to enlarge rooms and create new, more flexible spaces: Remember, even new windows can make a difference.

Install Minimalistic, Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

Homebuyers prefer to see modern surfaces that won't collect dust. Intricate paneling, engraving and carpet rarely impress these days. Instead, buyers love to see hardwood flooring, stone tile, granite countertops and other smooth surfaces that are simple to clean and won't harbor dirt. Consider replacing carpet with hardwood or bamboo flooring, or vinyl tiles with stone, for a high-value upgrade.

A New Roof Helps with Appearance and Energy

Not only is the roof one of the first things that homebuyers see, it's also a key component in keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A new roof will increase curb appeal, while announcing that you also probably also have proper insulation, attic venting and a lack of annoying pests.

It's particularly easy to increase home value if your roof is old and can be updated with new shingles or tiles, a different shade and a better design that shows off the color and style of your home. If a full replacement is too much, consider repairing missing shingles and other trouble spots. Findlay Roofing can help you figure out which roofing project will benefit you the most.

New Paint

Looking for a smaller project? Consider a new coat of paint! Inside or exterior, new paint is a simple way to give your home a fresh look and boost buyer confidence, without breaking the budget.

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