5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Re-Roofing

5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Re-Roofing

Re-roofing is a major project, but it goes much smoother with a little bit a preparation! Here's what you need to know about getting your house ready for roof replacement.

Remember accessibility

One of the most important things you can do to prepare your home for a major re-roofing project is to make sure your roof is accessible. It takes plenty of new supplies and some heavy equipment to re-roof your house, so it is very important that cars, carts, trash cans, toys and everything else is out of the way so the contractor can move trucks in close and maneuver more easily.

Likewise, getting onto your roof is also important. Try to find several spots where roof access is easy, and make sure those spots are also clear of items or debris. Easy access through your driveway and yard will make the project much smoother.

Mark fragile landscape pieces

Good contractors will try to avoid sprinkler heads, ornamentation, and other landscape features - but this isn't always possible. To help out, mark your sprinkler heads with the small flags you can buy at any home improvement store. You can also identify any other fragile landscape pieces with this method. Roofers will replace damaged pieces, but it's better to avoid damage in the first place.

Get your attic and house ready

A re-roofing begins by carefully inspecting your roof and attic to see exactly what needs to be done. Keep in mind that such a big project will cause dust, noise and vibrations. If you have anything that can be damaged in your attic, you should move it or cover it up. If you have any hanging décor that can easily be knocked down, you may want to move it to a safer location until the roofing project is finished.

Prepare your pets and family

Keep pets and kids away from the attic and from all roofing work. This helps avoid both serious injury and any interference with roofing projects. Plenty of dangerous materials are used and stored at roofing project sites, so it's best to keep away. Also keep in mind there will be a lot of noise during the day - roof sounds carry very easily - so if anyone is staying at the home during the day, they should expect a lot of clatter.

Plan your own cleanup

A good roofing contractor will use tarps and other protective measures to ensure that no roofing nails or other odds and ends fall into your grass or on your driveway. However, there's always a chance that some nails and debris will escape after roofers are done. To avoid flat tires and other unpleasant occurrences, plan a cleanup project of your own after the roofing is finished to get rid of dust, nails and any other remaining annoyances.

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