Are you dreaming of rooftop patios? Check out these 5 designs.

Are you dreaming of rooftop patios? Check out these 5 designs.

Are you ready to create the rooftop patio of your dreams? Whether you are looking for a cozy spot to relax or want to create the party destination for all your friends, you can design rooftop patios any way you want! Here are five of the most popular possibilities.

1. The Canopy

Rooftop patios make excellent use of available space, but they do tend to suffer from some wind shear - that high-up, open area can easily grow breezy. When the wind isn't blowing, the sun is often heating things up well beyond comfort. The Canopy set-up creates a cozy space by setting up pavilions, umbrellas and awnings. It usually needs a fireplace, fire pit, or portable heater to warm things up, and a weatherproof sofa or group of padded chairs. This space is perfect for cuddling up with a loved one and watching the sunset, or chilling with friends at the end of a long day. You can also feel free to sneak up with a book and just taking a quiet break.

2. The Garden

The garden makes things green by adding flowerbeds, hanging pots, stretches of green grass and plenty of latticeworks for climbing vines. Yes, you can build rooftop patios with enough soil for all these garden items and much more. Not only does this make a great place to entertain or sip a cup of coffee, it also adds a green feel to your patio - and with enough work, it could transport you to another country, from a Japanese garden to an Italian vineyard.

3. The Bar and Grill

Rooftop bars are popular business ventures around the world - why let restaurants have all the fun? Set up your own rooftop bar and get the party started. A wet bar can be quite expensive, but a classy dry bar is an impressive and more affordable alternative. You should also consider adding a grill area for snacks and impromptu meals. Don't worry about space, there are plenty of bar-and-stool arrangements designed to save on space.

4. The Dance Floor

The dance floor doesn't have to be a dance floor…but it could become one if necessary. Give your patio a club-like vibe with plenty of mood-lighting (blue lighting is especially popular for rooftop escapes), space to congregate and bar tables design for standing room. This patio is all about casual gatherings and occasionally awesome celebrations. Include weatherproof speakers … but try not to get too loud.

5. The Pool

If you have enough room, the pool is a classic, popular option for your rooftop patio. Small pools, spas and hot tubs work particularly well in this space, combining a great view with extra-warm water and muscle-relaxing jets. You can also opt for water features that offer beautiful garden pools made for reflection instead of swimming. Mood lighting also works particularly well for the Pool.

Ask Findlay about what designs will work with your roof, and start planning the rooftop patio dreamscape you've always wanted.

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