Are you facing roofing repairs? Know the potential costs and the questions to ask.

Are you facing roofing repairs? Know the potential costs and the questions to ask.

For Atlanta homeowners, learning of the need to replace a roof can instill anxiety, the same goes for roofing repairs.

The costs of a new roof are considerable; however, the benefits of upgrading an old, leaky roof are invaluable. A working roof keeps moisture problems to a minimum, ensures the roof stays healthy, free of rot and mildew, and improves the value of your home. Learn the average costs of roofing repairs and replacing a roof, as well as questions to ask your contractor.


The cost of a roof replacement largely depends on the size of your roof, its total square footage, the height of the roof, in addition to its pitch, the quality of shingle you choose, and whether you have new flashing and gutters installed, too.

In general, the average costs to repair a roof hovers around $100 to patch up a few areas where shingles are missing to up to $350 for an area that's 10 x 10 square feet. Homeowners with wooden shingles can expect to pay more than that.

For a new roof, expect to pay anywhere between $1,700 to $8,400, depending on the materials used and the complexity of the installation job. Roofs with tile, metal slate or wood shingles also cost more than jobs that require the use of asphalt shingles.

What to ask a roofing expert

Before hiring an expert to perform a repair, ask if the total price includes cleanup of debris on the ground and removal of old shingles. The job should also include the cost of the new shingles, the labor and any adhesives.

When working with a professional to install a brand new roof, here's what you should ask:

  • Have you inspected the framing? If it's rotted, it should be replaced before installing a new roof.
  • Will you remove the old shingles or lay the new down on top of the old? Sometimes, it's better to remove the older shingles, especially if the roof already has several layers of shingles laying on top of each other.
  • Is the cost of cleanup included in the bid?
  • Is the flashing in good condition? If it's in disrepair and you pay for a new roof without replacing it, the roof will leak—and you'll be wondering where your hard-earned money went.

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