Attic Insulation: Best places to put it

Attic Insulation: Best places to put it

Adding insulation to your home is a great method of conserving energy, especially if you have current gaps in your insulation that need to be filled. As a general rule it's a good idea to have insulation between any spaces that are air-conditioned and any spaces where the temperature is not controlled.

Here are several of the most important regions to consider.

Attic spaces

Since heat rises, proper attic insulation is vital to saving energy in your home. When attics are built, they are usually equipped with loose-fill or batt insulation, depending on the type of attic space. However, sometimes gaps, cracks and leaks are left behind. An attic inspection can pinpoint any areas that need sealing. If the gaps are bad enough that you need to add new insulation, consider spray foam insulation, which is a common and cost-effective solution for attic problems when installed by a professional.

Ductwork and crawl spaces

Ducts are important because they channel the air that your climate control system uses. If they are not properly insulated or are not in an insulated space, the air they channel will lose its ability to heat or cool your home. If the crawl space where your ductwork is installed does not have proper insulation, you may want to start a project to ensure your ducts are protected.

Exterior walls

Contractors install insulation in exterior walls when they are constructed, but you should still check to see if all the right exterior walls have insulation. If you or a previous owner built a new addition or converted rooms, those walls may be unprotected. Also remember that garages do not usually have any air conditioning, so the walls next to your garage should also have insulation for added protection.

Certain roof spaces and floors

Some ceilings and floors should also have insulation. Cathedral ceilings, those high ceilings that stretch up to the roof, need proper attic insulation between the roof and ceiling, which requires unique construction like truss joists or large enough rafters to make room for insulation materials. If you have a floor above a garage, it will also need insulation to protect it from the heat-sapping qualities of your garage space. If you are installing new dormers, they will also need insulation to protect them from the open air. When in doubt, ask a roofing expert for the details about your roof structure and what type of insulation will work best.

Remember to consider costs

Adding insulation is a great way to save money on utilities. However, consider the upfront costs as well. If you have to rip through an existing wall, renovate a floor, or tear up a lot of your ductwork to install insulation, the price may not be worth the ultimate benefit. Projects like attic insulation and crawlspace insulation are popular targets because it is easier to add insulation here without incurring high costs.

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