Best Method for Roof Replacement

Best Method for Roof Replacement

Do you need a new roof for your Fulton home? The best method for roof replacement is either to tear off the roof to install new shingles, or simply roof over the existing materials. Learn best practices for roof replacement, and get it right.

Roof over?

One of the most significant downsides of roofing over existing materials is that the roofing expert won't be able to get a look at the decking. Unless the roofer tears off all of the shingles and the underlayment, it's impossible to assess the decking's condition and know whether or not there's damage.

If the decking is damaged and you don't address it, installing new shingles on the roof will result in a decreased life span. Underlying water damage, wood rot and other problems will continue to go unchecked.

If your home's decking is in good condition, you haven't had any previous water leaks, and the roof's sidewalls don't require flashing, your home may be a good candidate for a roof over. However, the cost savings for roofing over aren't significant, as the job generally doesn't last as long as a new roof with a tear off.

Tear off?

Tearing off existing shingles is ideal, as it lets the roofer get a close look at the condition of the components underneath the roof. In this way, the roofer can fix any problems before laying new shingles on top. Tear off jobs are a bit more costly up front, but the job results in long-lasting shingles and well-constructed roof that's in good condition.

If you're looking for help deciding whether to tear off your shingles or roof over, contact the experts at Findlay Roofing today! We'll help you take into consideration all of the important factors, such as life expectancy, leak risk, appearance, and more.

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