Considering roof windows? Here are 5 designs worth a look.

Considering roof windows? Here are 5 designs worth a look.

Roof windows add instant curb appeal to any home. Whether you are looking for more light in upper rooms, more style for large roofs or symmetry in your home's exterior design, windows can be the difference maker you need.

Here are five design ideas worth considering for homes in the Atlanta area:

1. Loft skylights. Skylights that open are slightly more complicated to manage than sealed windows, but the effect is undeniable in either case. Dark attics and lofts that have been converted to office space or any type of sitting area benefit immensely from a skylight.

2. Gabled dormers. In homes from Stone Mountain to Woodstock, there are opportunities to increase the curb appeal of your home by adding gabled dormers to the roof. Essentially a mini room with its own roof and front-facing windows jutting out from the main roof, a gabled dormer can create symmetry or highlight elements of your home's exterior. This type of dormer is one of many. Other styles connect below your room, extend just above the roof line, or sit almost flush inside another part of the roof. Each style adds to a home's exterior when done right.

3. Kitchen and bath accents. Upstairs bathrooms or back kitchens become different places when adding windows to the roof. Cooking by natural light and feeling the sunlight beam in creates a better atmosphere and excellent functionality during daylight hours. Without the need to turn on lights before dark, skylights and windows above the roof line offer green benefits for homeowners as well.

4. Patio glass roof windows. Patios extend a home's livable space when covered, but opening up the roof to a full slate of windows completely changes the game, in effect making it a glass roof. You can choose to create a vaulted effect with wooden beams or keep a rustic metal look intact. No matter which option you decide, a patio with a roof of windows will spike in popularity among family and friends.

5. Single bedroom windows. There is something majestic about waking every morning to the sun overhead, and windows in any one of your home's bedrooms deliver that effect. Ask roofers about the path of the sun as it travels in relation to your bed in case you do not want direct sunlight directly above you every morning. However a shade with a connection to your bed can solve that problem.

Roof windows by Simonton can transform your home by bringing in light and adding exceptional curb appeal. Contact Findlay Roofing to learn about the options for your home today.

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