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How the latest roofing trends can improve your home

Though some housing trends may turn out to be passing fads, the latest in roofing trends offers options for every homeowner to consider. From metal roofing that gives the appearance of conventional shingles to glass enclosures that brighten up different rooms in any residence, alternative roofing options are worth your attention. Here's a look at available upgrades for your home.

Versatile metal roofing

Metal roofing materials may last between 40 and 60 years, which will catch the attention of anyone who has had to pay for a roof replacement in the past. Unlike old-fashioned steel roofing, modern metal roofs come in elegant styles that resemble wood shake, asphalt shingles or clay tiles. In addition to the look of the material, they are available in many colors. These options allow you to match the style of any home, from historical Buckhead homes to new constructions in Dunwoody.

Along with the improved styling of metal roofs, they can withstand extreme weather and reflect heat better than traditional roofing materials. Their longevity and high percentage of recycled content also make them a very green option. Most metal roofs contain a minimum of 25 percent recycled materials, according to the Metal Roofing Alliance. Roof materials made with zinc (a very abundant metal) require less energy to produce and are fully recyclable.

Glass roofing trends

The advantages of glass roofs are probably the most obvious when you're reviewing the latest trends in home roofing. You can create a different atmosphere in any part of your home by adding a glass skylight or enclosure. Glass roofing is popular for skylights and for covering indoor pools or patios, but you may also consider it an option for family rooms or bedrooms throughout the home. Metal frames covered in wood support the glass panels to provide the structural integrity for this type of roofing.

Solar panels that are coated in glass represent another alternative roofing option for homeowners. Unlike bulky solar panels that can take away from a home's exterior beauty, solar roof shingles give the appearance of dark roof tiles, a style that makes sense for many modern homes. These panels provide homes with power for HVAC equipment and other appliances, cutting energy costs by over 60 percent in some homes.

Cutting-edge roofing styles tend to cost more upfront than traditional shingle roofs, but these options are worth considering for future energy savings and home value. Before you plan on a standard roof replacement, the latest roofing trends are worth exploring for your home.

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