Do You Need a Roof Repair? Know the Best Season for One.

Do You Need a Roof Repair? Know the Best Season for One.

Waiting on a roof repair for just the right time? The season that you start your project and hire a contractor really does matter: Some seasons are better than others for roof work, especially large projects.

Let's take a look at the seasons and which best fits your project.


Fall tends to be an intensely busy season for roofing contractors and builders. The weather starts getting worse, and many homeowners are reminded of the rain, snow and storms that winter will be bringing. They look at their rooftops, find flaws and weak points, and rush to get them fixed before the worst of the weather hits.

While fall is a busy time for roof repair and replacement, you should still try to avoid roof work during this season. Schedules are full and getting work done quickly can be an issue. Additionally, demand is very high and contractors may be charging higher fees during this time.


Contractors will get calls during winter to fix serious damage, but as a rule roof replacements, upgrades and repairs slow down or stop altogether during winter. Roofing contractors may go on hiatus or wait for the warmer months to take on large projects. The weather is not conducive to roof work, and it may be more difficult to get the supplies necessary for the job.


Spring is often one of the best times to get that roof repair or renovation job done. Roofing professionals will be looking for new business, so not only will schedules be more open, but you will also have an opportunity to find plenty of discounts and lower fees.

The weather in spring (in many areas) is also friendlier toward roof work than in fall or winter. However, you do not want to wait too long to schedule work: Eventually homeowners will start their spring yard work, note any damage done to their rooftops over winter, and start scheduling repairs of their own.


Summer is an ideal time for lengthy roofing projects. Rain is least likely to be a problem during summer weather, allowing contractors to finish work quickly. Also, summer is the season of vacations, so it is easy to leave for a week and let roofers tackle a large project without being inconvenienced by it. However, summer schedules may get a little crowded if a lot of people have the same idea.

Final thoughts

Additionally, note that many of the differences between seasons are based on changes in the climate. If you are in an especially mild area (think Southern California) or in an area that experiences much the same weather year-round, then roof repair is not dependent on seasons.

If you have any more questions about what season is the best for roof repair, call up Findlay Roofing and ask their opinion - the trusted roofers have plenty of first-hand experience.

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