Does My Atlanta Roof Deck Need Replacement?

Does My Atlanta Roof Deck Need Replacement?

replace-roof-deckA new Atlanta roof obviously means you will be getting new shingles or tiles. But why would an Atlanta roofing contractor recommend replacing all or part of your existing roof deck? Is it really necessary?

How Does An Atlanta Roofing Company Build A Roof Deck?

Every roof has a roof deck beneath its shingles. In most cases, an Atlanta roofing contractor builds a roof deck using oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood sheets. The roofer constructs the roof deck by nailing these wood sheets to your home's rafters or trusses.

Why An Atlanta Roofing Contractor Would Replace A Roof Deck

If a reputable, professional Atlanta roofing company built your home's original roof, and it hasn't suffered from water damage or storm damage (trees, limbs or other objects crashing through the roof), your existing roof deck can be reused to support a new replacement roof. In fact, as long as a roof deck is covered and protected properly, it can last decades.

A roof deck typically needs to be repaired or replaced for the following reasons:

  • Wood rot due to water damage
  • Mold growth due to water damage
  • Broken, damaged or weakened wood due to storm, water or insect damage

If your roof has not experienced any of the above problems, your original roof deck may be used for one or even more roof replacements.

A Trusted Atlanta Roofing Company Can Make The Decision

A reliable and trusted Atlanta roofing company can inspect your roof to determine if all or part of the roof deck needs to be replaced. In general, if the roof deck feels solid under foot and can effectively grip nails, it may be reused. A good Atlanta roofing contractor will make these evaluations, perform a thorough visual inspection and consider the history of your roof before making any final roof deck replacement decisions.

Findlay Roofing invites you to contact us today if you are interested in a free roof analysis and inspection. We have over 16 years experience replacing roofs and building new roofs for homes in Atlanta and North Georgia.

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