Does Your Roof Color Affect the Temperature of Your Attic or House?

Does Your Roof Color Affect the Temperature of Your Attic or House?

Many things can affect the temperature of your home, like the efficiency of your air conditioning, the outside temperature, your roofing material and your home's insulation. But there is one factor that you may be forgetting that can dramatically alter the interior temperature of your home: the color of your roof.

Why Pay Attention to Color

Often, you may not even notice your roof color or the color of surrounding homes as they may just blend into the neighborhood landscape. But if you're looking to decrease heat, cool your home or create a more even and steady temperature all year round, take note of your roof color and material as these features can make a big difference to your indoor climate.

Darker-colored roofs will get much hotter than roofs with a lighter color. The darker shades, like black and brown, absorb more heat which is then transferred to the rooms directly below. This is why an attic or upstairs bedroom quickly becomes the hottest room in the house during warmer months. And while this is undesirable in the summer, dark roofs also keep your house warmer in the winter.

Other Influencing Factors

Though roof color does affect the temperature, there are also other factors at play that can influence the temperature inside your home. Roofing material like rubber, asphalt and metal all reflect sun at different rates which will also play a part in how comfortable the temperature is inside. Asphalt, for example, has low reflectivity which means that most of the light is absorbed and turned into heat. Metal, on the other hand, has high reflectivity and will help keep your home cooler.

While roof color can affect the temperature inside your home, proper roof ventilation can even out these temperature extremes.

For many reasons, it makes sense to take advantage of the sun's ability to warm your roof and thus, your entire home. In cooler climates, the heat from the sun on a dark roof will keep your house warm, encouraging snowmelt during the winter. In warm climates, on the other hand, light colors are more likely to keep your home at a steady temperature and decrease your cooling bill.

In the end, though, it's always best to contact the professionals for the best advice and input. The experts at Findlay Roofing are highly-certified and know roofing inside and out. Call them today for a free roof analysis or consultation.

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