Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

One remodeling project likely to make homeowners happiest is replacing the roof. According to HouseLogic, homeowners who participated in the 2015 Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of Realtors gave replacing their roofs a "Joy Score" of 9.7 (out of 10). If a roof replacement is in your near future, it can be worth it to consider eco-friendly roofing options. Eco-friendly options might cost a bit more up front than other choices, but they tend to have the biggest return on investment, both financially and in terms of overall happiness, in the long run.

Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials

If you want to go green on your roof, you have several options. Begin by paying close attention to the materials used on your roof. Some materials are more "green" than others. For example, as Mother Earth News points out, recycled shingles might be the most eco-friendly roofing option available. These shingles are made out of post-consumer or industrial waste that otherwise would have found its way to a landfill.

Recycled shingles don't just reduce the amount of new resources need to replace a roof. They also have a longer than average shelf life, according to Mother Earth News. Even better, some recycled shingles can be recycled again when it is time to replace the roof.

If you don't like the look of recycled shingles, other eco-friendly roofing materials include metal, rubber and slate tiles.

Eco-Friendly Colors

Dark colored roofs absorb heat and can be up to 100 degrees hotter than the outside air, according to HouseLogic. All that heat can mean your air conditioner needs to work extra hard to keep the house cool. A roof with lighter colored shingles or white shingles reflects the heat, instead of absorbing it, so it doesn't become quite so hot. You don't have to run the air conditioner so much, and you can enjoy reduced energy usage and a lower cooling bill.

Going Green (Literally) on the Roof

A green roof is perhaps the most eco-friendly roof option out there. It involves growing plants on the top of a house or building, helping to reduce the amount of storm water that runs off the roof and helping to replace some of the greenery that was removed when the house was built.

Green roofs might be very environmentally friendly, but they aren't always the best option for homeowners. For one thing, they are usually the most expensive eco-friendly option. Not every house is suitable for a green roof, and a considerable amount of retrofitting might be needed to ensure that the house can bear the weight of the roof.

If you're looking to go green at home, start with the roof and call Findlay Roofing today. We're committed to being eco-friendly and recently won the Green Pledge Recycling award from Owens Corning for recycling 65,000 tons of shingles last year-the most in the country!

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