Essential Roof Maintenance: 5 best practices for making a new roof last.

Essential Roof Maintenance: 5 best practices for making a new roof last.

The only thing worse than financing a new roof is allowing roofing to deteriorate before its time. To get the most of your investment, observe some inexpensive yet essential bits of care repeated over the life of the structure. Here are five best practices to observe in preventive roof maintenance for your home.

1. Gutter cleaning

No matter what weather the seasons bring, Cobb County homeowners always have a reason to clean the gutters on your roof. Regular cleaning will keep debris from blocking the flow of water off your roof. Without the means to escape, moisture breaks down roofing materials and will lead to water damage inside your home. Houses that are hit with high winds may need gutter shields for additional protection.

2. Addressing physical damage

Storms may leave a few broken shingles or cracked gutters behind, so it is always worth checking on the state of your roof after a major weather event. Repairing shingles quickly will ensure moisture does not have the chance to creep inside your home and spread throughout the roof. Likewise, properly functioning gutters are an essential part of a maintained roof.

3. Maintain flashing

Flashing, which consists of metal sheets that protect openings in the roof, is important because it serves as another barrier against water damage. Regular roof maintenance should involve a look at the flashing around a home's chimney or other areas. Make sure your roofer has taken steps to protect against rust in flashing.

4. Proper attic conditions

Your roof should never be significantly hotter or colder than the temperature outside your home. To get the formula right, your home should have adequate insulation to block climate-controlled air from entering the space and affecting your roof. Ventilation will help keep moisture from building up inside the attic and affecting the roof structure. Conditions inside your attic directly impact the life span of roofing.

5. Debris removal

Since moisture is one of the biggest enemies of roofing, regular debris removal is a key to maximizing the value of your roof investment. Make sure piles of leaves and pine straw are not collecting in different areas of the roof. Where there is debris or ice, water finds a way to collect and potentially spring a leak in the roofing. Have roofers remove debris during annual inspections.

Proper roof maintenance will help protect your investment for the long term. Considering the expense of new roofing, this effort is well worth it in the long run.

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