Gutter cleaning will keep your roof protected — learn how

Gutter cleaning will keep your roof protected — learn how

Backed-up gutters can force rainwater onto other areas of your roof and cause moisture damage, potentially shortening the life of the roofing.

Here is how professional gutter cleaning and other measures can maximize a roof's lifespan, and more importantly, keep your home protected from water damage.

Professional gutter maintenance

You may notice water pooling on your roof or below your home's gutters after a rain storm, and both issues could cause permanent damage to the structure. Roofers will check gutters when performing a regular maintenance check. If they notice leaking joints or holes in parts of your gutter, there are routine repairs available to fix the problem. Only in the worst cases is gutter replacement the solution, and we do not want it to reach that with you unaware. If problems are not addressed quickly and properly, water can seep into your foundation.

Blocked gutters require debris removal and other measures designed to keep water flowing to drain spouts at the bottom of your home. In cases where the downspout is clogged, roofers may need to use a plumber's snake or other device to clear the blockage. Like blocked gutters on the roof, a clogged downspout can divert water to other parts of your home and cause moisture damage.

Shields to make gutter cleaning easier

Coweta County homeowners may find it difficult to keep gutters clean after repeated storms, especially if your home is surrounded by trees. Twigs, leaves and other types of debris caught in the wind can make gutter maintenance difficult. Gutter screens and covers may be able to stop gutters from clogging, but fine debris may sneak through screen openings and covers to create another type of blockage.

During a roof inspection, it may become apparent that your home has the wrong type of gutters installed. There many options for gutters you can choose from. After sizing up your home and helping you select what type of gutters work best for your roof, a gutter expert can recommend the right cover to keep leaves and other debris from causing blockage.

Regular gutter cleaning and repair, like other types of roof maintenance, can keep your home protected from water damage throughout the year. Contact Findlay Roofing for an analysis of your roof today.

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