Exterior house paint colors to brighten your home

Exterior house paint colors to brighten your home

Choosing the right exterior house paint colors is a difficult job from the start. Between coordinating different color schemes, blending into (or standing out from) the neighborhood and grappling with historic homes, it is easy to see why the top exterior designers are always in demand. Here are tips on choosing the right colors for your home when it's time to paint.

Researching colors appropriate for period

Many homes in Peachtree and other Atlanta suburbs are known for their rich historic character. One way to find the right color scheme is to go back and research how homes were painted when your house was built. Designers may have access to this information, but you can also look into local archives to see what was popular in certain periods. Matching the original conception to your contemporary paint job might deliver the perfect solution.

Seeing the opportunity in trim and windows

Looking backward in time may offer ideas on color schemes you would not consider. The approach to accents around the windows and areas of wooden trim may surprise you when you see how homes were once painted in Georgia. There is a huge opportunity to make a home unique by choosing complimentary colors for different parts of the exterior.

Visualizing multiple colors on trim, eaves and shutters is not an easy job. Fortunately, websites that allow you to put together digital renderings of different color patterns help you see if you are on the right track. No matter what color scheme you decide is right in the end, make sure you know about the many alternatives that are available.

Considering exterior house paint colors in the vicinity

A great way to start choosing which colors to paint is to go through your neighborhood and consider the impact neighboring homes will have. It isn't likely you will want the same pattern as a neighbor, but one of the homes in your area might give you ideas that lead to a solution. In other cases, you may want to blend into a neighborhood and keep within the general boundaries of homes in your town. When you love the way a home looks, there are no wrong answers.

Concerns for historic districts

While there are no regulations prohibiting paint colors in historic Atlanta districts, homeowners will want to consider the character of an old home and how it would look with an extreme color on the exterior. Only substantive alterations and additions to Georgia historic districts require a certificate of appropriateness (COA). Minor repairs to the roof are also excluded from the changes that need a COA before work commences.

Whether you want to make a big change to exterior house paint colors or keep a similar pattern, Findlay will deliver the professional touch on any home paint job.

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