Findlay Can Answer Roof Insurance Questions — Let Us Help!

Findlay Can Answer Roof Insurance Questions — Let Us Help!

Worried about roof insurance covering your new roof? We can help! Here are several questions you should ask your insurance company when planning a roof replacement, and what role Findlay can play in making the process as painless as possible.

Will you cover my new roof?

This is the first and obviously the most important question when inquiring about insurance claims for new roof projects: Will your homeowners insurance cover the cost of a new roof? The details are key. Typically roof insurance will cover damage from a sudden event, like a bad windstorm. But if your roof is simply old, your claim will probably be denied. So check your policy, give your insurance agent a call, or look up coverage information online.

What paperwork do you need from me?

Insurance companies will require a variety of paperwork for your house. If Findlay has already created an estimate for your new roof, provide that for your insurance agent. You may also need to provide paperwork for past roof work in addition to basic claims forms. Ask us for help if you do not know where to find the information that your insurer wants.

What is your estimate for my roof?

Typically, roof insurance agents will investigate your roof on their own, which is why it is important to immediately arrange an inspection after your old roof is damaged. After the inspection, the agent will produce an estimate for replacement that they will use when processing your claim. If you disagree with this estimate, do not hesitate to call us. We may be able to submit countering information if you want to request a new estimate from your agent.

Do you need to know the age/condition of my roof?

Sometimes the age and condition of your roof will dictate how much your insurance company will pay for replacement, known as an ACV (actual cash value) policy. Ask your insurer if you have an ACV and what documents you can provide to prove the age and condition of your roof.

Where do I send my deductible?

You will need to pay a deductible before your coverage will activate. Findlay will not participate in any fraud that avoids this deductible. Ask your insurance company when and how to pay it.

How will payments for the new roof work out?

Sometimes your insurer will pay for your new roof in one lump sum, and sometimes they will pay in several installments as the project goes on.

If you have to pay in installments, contact Findlay and let us know: We can provide information on the completion of the roof replacement that will allow the insurance company to pay at various stages in the project.

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