Get the Most out of Your Gutters This Fall – Literally

Get the Most out of Your Gutters This Fall – Literally

In the Dawson area, homeowners are uniting. They're tired of leaves, twigs and dirt wreaking havoc in their gutters. Instead of playing the victim, these homeowners are taking charge—and you should, too. Get everything you can out of your gutters this fall. Then, when winter hits, they'll be ready to perform.

What do gutters do?

The handy receptacles hanging off the edges of your roof are definitely not for just for looks. They play a key role in your home's drainage system. Here's how they should work:

  • When it rains or snows, the moisture flows down the roof and into the gutters.
  • Then, the intricate drainage system guides the moisture through the series of tubes.
  • At the "end" of the gutter system, the water flows out and away from the home.

Voila. All is well with your home.

What does a gutter do if it's full?

It's common for leaves, dirt and small twigs to fill up the gutter. After all, as leaves turn colors and the wind blows, they detach from the tree branches and float away - and often move right into the gutter system.

It's ideal to get everything you can OUT of the gutter so that debris doesn't get in the way of drainage. If a gutter is full, it will stop the natural flow of moisture off the roof, which means you could experience:

  • Roof damage. Because moisture may back up onto the roof.
  • Overflowing gutters. Which will direct water over their edge and onto the ground where it will gather by the foundation - then the water may penetrate the foundation and cause damage.
  • Mildew and mold problems. As the debris remains constantly moist mildew and mold will grow.

Stopped-up gutters are a nuisance and a completely avoidable. Don't expose your home to the problem. Instead, get all of the debris out of your gutter system this fall. Hire a pro or do it yourself. Either way, make sure that drainage around the home is ideal.

For more information about gutter maintenance or installation, Findlay Roofing!

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