Gutter Types: Round vs. Rectangular Gutters

Gutter Types: Round vs. Rectangular Gutters

Perhaps they are not the most appealing aspect of your home but gutters are essential. They play a vital role in the proper drainage around your home.

Two gutter types are generally used in and around your area: round and rectangular.

Learn the differences between and the benefits of the two gutter types.

Round vs. rectangular gutters

Round gutters are named after their shape. The gutter is essentially rounded at the bottom, and it looks like a half-moon gutter. Often, this style of gutter was used in older homes, and is reminiscent of architectural eras of the past. They are most often chosen for this reason, and to maintain the aesthetic of the home. While the gutter performs well, ensuring proper drainage, the rounded bottom is difficult to firmly adhere to the fittings of the gutter system that connect to the home's roof.

Rectangular gutters have been in use for many decades now, also named after their non-rounded shape. These gutters are generally sturdy, and their flat bottom is ideal for ensuring a tight fit.

The pros and cons

While round gutters are attractive and help maintain the integrity of older homes, they generally cost more than rectangular gutters, in part because the installation is trickier, which drives up the cost. On the other hand, rectangular gutters are widely manufactured and available, and competition helps consumers achieve a cost-effective project by choosing them. It's generally possible to get both types of gutters in a variety of shapes and materials to help maintain the look and feel of your home's original or existing paint or siding color.

When it comes to improving your home's gutters or choosing gutter types, get in touch with the experts at Findlay Roofing. We're happy to help with roof replacements, window and door sections, or window improvements. Just give us a call today!

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