Heat Blocking Windows: Are They Right for Your Home?

Heat Blocking Windows: Are They Right for Your Home?

The beautiful summer sun Georgia homeowners look forward to does not only bring gorgeous outdoor settings. It also penetrates through your home's windows, causing inside temperatures to rise - along with your energy bills. Heat blocking windows provide an efficient solution to the sun's increasing heat and rising cooling costs. Learn how they work and if they're a good option for your home.

Heat blocking action of windows

Standard windows have no way to block the sun's intense ultraviolet light. Heat blocking windows, which are also called low-emissive (or Low-E) windows, stop some of that light, greatly enhancing the performance of the windows. The windows have an ultra thin coating that is designed to reflect heat, effectively stopping the movement of solar radiation into the home. However, they still allow light to pass through the glass, which enhances your indoor living quality. With a heat blocking window, you won't have to use window treatments to try and block heat from the sun or deal with fading window treatment material.

Financial benefits of the windows

A heat blocking window is a particularly wise investment for Georgia homeowners whose homes have windows facing west and south. On these sides of the home, the sun's rays are the hottest. West and south facing windows, therefore, are the most vulnerable to heat gain. It makes financial sense to invest in heat blocking windows in this instance, or if your landscaping on these sides of the home is limited.

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