How Do I Find Where My Atlanta Roof Leaks Are Coming From?

How Do I Find Where My Atlanta Roof Leaks Are Coming From?

roof-leak-water-dropIf you suspect your roof is leaking, the only way to find the leak is to have someone get on the roof and start looking. We recommend leaving the roof climbing to an experienced Atlanta roofer. But to answer the question, here are the places where we often find roof leaks.

Good Flashing - The Mark Of A Good Atlanta Roofing Contractor

Roof leaks can be difficult to find. This is something that every Atlanta roofing contractor will agree on. The good news is, there are some common areas where roof leaks typically begin.

Leaks are most often found where penetrations have been made in your roof to install items like ducts, vents and chimneys. Even a roof that is less than 5-years old can be subject to leaks around these types of objects.

Premature roof leaks are often the result of poor materials or workmanship. If your Atlanta roofer was not focused on performing quality work, he may have used inferior materials or methods to save time and money.

This can have devastating effects, especially if shortcuts were taken when installing the critical flashing around your chimney, roof vents and ducting. Poorly installed flashing can get damaged by the sun, wind and weather in a relatively short amount of time, resulting in a clear path for water entry and roof leaks.

Of course, even the highest quality roofs can suffer flashing damage and leaks after years of exposure to the elements.

Call An Atlanta Roofing Company For A Free Roof Inspection

Roof climbing is risky, even for a professional Atlanta roofing contractor. It's better to avoid the risks of injury by hiring a trustworthy Atlanta roofing company to inspect your roof. Findlay Roofing is happy to perform a free roof inspection at your convenience.

If you have additional questions about roof leaks, roof repairs or roof replacements, we encourage you to contact us today. We look forward to answering all of your Atlanta roofing questions and becoming your trusted Atlanta roofing contractor.

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