How to fix a roof patch with a professional touch

How to fix a roof patch with a professional touch

Damage to part of the roof of your Coweta home will leave you with a tough decision. Should you repair just the damaged shingles and tiles, or replace an entire section of the roof? If you decide on patching one section of your roof, you will want to take care to match the colors and textures for continuity. Here is how to do it with a professional touch.

Fixing a roof patch right

When you're surveying the damage to your roof, after a storm, for example, you might be unsure how many elements were affected and whether there is damage underneath the shingles and other materials. If you find yourself in this situation, ask a professional to inspect your roof and determine whether repair of a few tiles will get your roof back into good shape. Risking the possibility of future leaks will cost you much more in the long run, so it makes sense to address all roof damage as soon as it is diagnosed.

Roofers can cover the damaged sections while they prepare to replace shingles and waterproofing materials underneath. Then it is time to find the right materials to blend in with your existing roof.

Repairing a roof without sacrificing curb appeal

A roofing contractor may suggest replacing an entire section of roof to provide a sense of continuity and keep your home looking beautiful from the top down. While adding a new roof patch will be more expensive than replacing a few shingles or tiles, it is much less costly than roof replacement. Furthermore, a professional job will leave your home looking beautiful while allowing it to maintain its structural integrity.

To do the job right, roofers will take a shingle or section of the roof and order replacements that mirror the color and condition of your existing roof. Much like a dentist matches a porcelain crown to the color of the surrounding teeth, an experienced roofer will find the right match or apply coloring that allows the roof to look as if it were installed entirely at the same time.

Of course, the process is much simpler when you opt for an entire roof patch to be replaced. Whether you have metal shingle, tile or rubber membrane roofing, it is possible to pull off seamless roof repair when the job is in professional hands.

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