How to Prepare for Hurricane Season by Checking on Your Roof

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season by Checking on Your Roof

Though the Atlanta area is generally spared by hurricanes, devastating storms do damage to the region on a regular basis. Tornadoes and heavy storms routinely make their way into the area, causing damage throughout many counties and neighboring municipalities. This type of extreme weather can have a major impact on your home's roof.

Here are tips on how to prepare for hurricane season and other major storms.

Protection of the roof structure

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), homes with gabled roofs are the most vulnerable to damage from hurricanes and other extreme storms. Specifically, the end walls of gabled homes have the potential to collapse. FEMA recommends installing truss braces to protect the structure's integrity. Truss bracing involves adding two-by-fours that cover the entire roof span. Another step to take is gable end bracing. In this system, two-by-fours are added to in an "X" formation to prop up the roof.

If your home seems particularly susceptible to storm damage, you can ask a roofer to install hurricane straps that hold a roof in place at the walls. Made of galvanized metal, hurricane straps create a solid defense against heavy winds, torrential rains and the impact of objects striking your roof in a storm.

Weatherproofing and general repairs

Regular inspections of your roof give professionals the chance to fix problems that will get worse after a storm. During a checkup, roofers will tell you whether your home is protected from the elements with adequate weatherproofing. Missing, rotting or blistering shingles should be addressed ahead of any expected storm, along with damaged flashing and leaking gutters on the roof that will be exposed to extreme weather.

These repairs are best done ahead of time so you are not scrambling to prepare for an oncoming storm. During your roof's life, moisture could prove to be as damaging as any other element.

Other areas of a home to protect

How to prepare for hurricane season should also involves a check of your home's windows, doors and garage. FEMA recommends storm shutters to keep out the intense winds and rain coming at your home during a hurricane or tornado. You may also consider anchoring the garage door track. If the weatherproofing is inadequate in any of these areas of your home, that upgrade should be a priority ahead of the expected storm's arrival.

If you want to know how to prepare for hurricane season or any other period of extreme weather, contact Findlay Roofing. Starting with structural repairs and general weatherproofing, you have affordable options on the table to protect your roof.

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