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How to Find the Right Company for Roof Installation

When it's time to install or replace your home's roof, the value of a qualified, trusted installer can't be overstated. The average roof installation in the United States costs more than $8,000, making it one of the biggest repairs or installation projects you'll pay for, outside of more extensive home remodeling.

Given this cost, homeowners understandably want reassurance that their investment will be rewarded with a new roof designed to last for decades. The installer you choose is one of the biggest factors that will affect the integrity and endurance of your roof, as well as the cost of installation.

Finding the right installer, though, is often more difficult than it sounds—especially if you haven't had the experience of hiring a roofing company in the past. Want to make sure you're working with the best roofing company in your area? Here are some tips to vet your options.

Make Sure Any Prospective Roofing Business is Licensed and Insured

Your home's roof installation is not the time to go bargain-hunting. While some local roofing operations may offer much lower prices than more established roofing companies, it's important to look into their background and make sure they're fully licensed and insured.

Without proper licenses and insurance, you could be liable for any damage that occurs to your home as a result of their installation. You're also much more likely to receive a worse installation due to the uncertain background, experience and credentials offered by these brands.

Always ask roofing companies for proof of licensure and insurance, and verify licensure with your local governing body to make sure this license is valid and active.

Ask Friends, Family and Neighbors for Their Recommended Roofers

Word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the best ways to find trusted roofers in your area. Ask everyone you know if they've had a positive experience with certain roofing companies in the past. While it's easy to find major roofing companies in your area with a simple Google search, word-of-mouth recommendations can help you discover great local businesses that offer an excellent customer experience and quality craftsmanship.

Request a Preferred Contractors List From Your HOA

If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner's association, your HOA may have a list of contractors that it recommends or even prefers homeowners work with for various housing projects. This can be particularly useful if your HOA has specific rules in place governing the types of roofing materials used, or even the approved colors that can be used on your roof.

Additionally, the contractors on any HOA list likely have a great reputation within that community, and will be eager to maintain that reputation by providing your home with a quality roof installation.

Find Local Roofers Quotes to Compare Pricing

The cost of installing a new roof can vary based on the materials used, the square footage of your roof, the size of the roofing crew, and other factors. This also includes the roofing company itself. A busier roofing company may be more likely to charge a higher rate than up-and-coming roofers eager to build up a pipeline of steady work.

To get a sense of the fair market price for your roof installation, it's recommended that you solicit installation quotes from multiple roofing companies. Even if you prefer a higher-priced, more reputable company over a company that offers a lower rate—but also more red flags—you can have confidence that you're paying a fair rate for the roof installation you receive.

What is a GAF Certified Roofer?

Before explaining what a GAF certified roofer is, it might be helpful to answer a different question: What does GAF certified mean?

GAF refers to a fiberglass-asphalt composite shingle, which offers superior water resistance and durability as compared to other types of shingles—particularly traditional shingles composed only of asphalt. GAF shingles have become one of the most popular types of roofing material used across the United States.

GAF certification is a training process for roofing professionals to make sure they know the proper way to install GAF shingles. This certification process improves the integrity of GAF roofing materials and can extend their lifespan on your roof. A GAF certified roofing contractor is someone who has passed this training program, providing a stamp of approval on their craftsmanship.

A new roof is a long-term investment into your home. Make sure you get your money's worth out of this project by working with a trusted roofing company that maintains a strong local reputation, along with the skills and certifications that matter most.

Start your search today by contacting a local roofing company to request more information, as well as an estimate on your new roof.

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