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Important Roof Maintenance for Fall 2020

Fortunately, roof maintenance for most homeowners is minimal. If you have regular roof inspections, keep debris and leaves from accumulating, and periodically remove any algae buildup, you can expect your roof to last close to its full life span. However, the converse is also true because failure to perform these basic tasks can severely undercut the longevity of your roof and lead to costly repairs and the premature need for roof replacement.

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While roof maintenance, even though minimal, may require a year-round commitment, there are some specific tasks that must be handled in the fall to keep your roof in pristine shape. Regardless of your climate, there are some particular hazards that could befall your roof in the fall and winter months without proper preparation. Keep reading below to learn more about some important roof maintenance tasks that you should perform this fall.

Clean the Gutters

Your gutters are a critical component in the overall roofing system. Maintaining them is important because when clogged with leaves and debris, your gutters could do more harm than good by collecting and holding moisture against the fascia of your home. With leaves and needles dropping in the fall as temperatures moderate, the gutters can easily become clogged, which prevents rain runoff from flowing off the roof and away from your home. Therefore, it's important to clean the gutters thoroughly once the leaves have fallen to prevent damage to your fascia and soffits.

Trim Vegetation

After a spring and summer worth of explosive growth, trees that overhang your roof could become dangerously close to touching it. That can be especially true during severe weather since precipitation can weigh tree branches down and allow them to rub your shingles. That can cause considerable damage to your roof and demands immediate attention. Therefore, it's a good idea to cut back any nearby vegetation that hangs over the roof during the fall. It's not just good for your roof, but good for the tree as well. The sap in most trees recedes when the trees become dormant for the winter. Overhanging vegetation can also act as a thoroughfare for wildlife as animals may seek comfortable hibernation spots in your home or attic during the winter.

Remove Leaves and Debris

One sure way to degrade the integrity of your roof surface and shorten the life span of your roof is to allow fallen leaves and branches to remain on the shingles for a prolonged period. It won't just clog the gutters; piles of organic material on the roof surface can also lead to shortened shingle life as well as an increase in the potential for leaks. That's because the debris can impede water from running off the roof, and pooled water on a shingle roof can lead to leaks.

Get a Roof Inspection

The fall is the perfect time to get a professional roof inspection. With temperatures dropping and drier conditions in many climates, a roof inspector can accurately assess the state of your roof and identify any problem areas. Since the autumn marks the beginning of the offseason for many roofers, you're likely to get a quick appointment. An inspection will give you a chance to head off potentially problematic roof issues and get repairs before the weather takes a decided turn for the worse in the winter months.

While roof maintenance is a year-round commitment for most homeowners, the fall can be particularly busy when it comes to preventive roof maintenance. To learn more about what you should be doing to prepare your roof this fall, contact Findlay Roofing at (770) 516-5806.

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