Is your roofing insurance policy confusing? Here are some must ask questions.

Is your roofing insurance policy confusing? Here are some must ask questions.

Ready for a roof replacement? Don't know how to talk to your insurance company?

Here are the questions to ask your homeowners or roofing insurance provider.

Will you cover my roof replacement?

This is the most important question. It will help you realize what is covered in your policy. Generally speaking, if natural events like wind and hail suddenly damage your roof, your insurer will cover repairs.

Sometimes the level of damage is important: If the damage is only cosmetic (affecting the appearance but not integrity) of your roof, you may not be able to make a claim. There are some resources insurers provide to help you evaluate damage personally if you are not sure. It is likely that an agent will need to do an on-site claims inspection before approving your claim, but it is smart to have your questions answered before then.

What kind of coverage will you offer?

This is another important point, and one that catches many homeowners by surprise. Your roofing insurance policy may offer a number of different payments types. ACV (actual cash value) will pay for your repair less the deductible you have to pay and less depreciation based on the age and type of roof you have. This leads to lower payouts. RCV (replacement cost value) will cover any repairs for your roof without factoring in depreciation, which leads to higher payouts.

What sort of documentation do you need for a claim?

Will you need to take photos of the roof damage? Do you need estimates for repairs, or documents about the condition of your roof from the last repair? Note everything the insurance company needs from you.

What sort of information do you need from contractors?

The contractors may need to supply the roofing insurance company with information of their own, from their own estimates and reports on damage to their qualifications and certifications. In some cases roofing contractors may be able to help support your claim by providing additional details and reports.

What are the roofing requirements for the repair?

In order for your homeowner's insurance to continue functioning, your roof repairs probably have to meet a certain quality standard. This means that you need to use certain types of materials with the right ratings, and they need to be installed properly according to the latest building codes. Ask your insurance company what requirements they have for repairs or where that information can be found, and double check that your contractor also knows about these requirements.

What if I want to upgrade my materials?

Sometimes a roof replacement is a great time to upgrade to better materials, more insulation, strong weatherproofing, and so on. Insurance companies may or may not cover these upgrades. Typically they will only restore the roof to its original condition and you will have to pay for anything extra.

There are a lot of questions and a lot of things to know, do not hesitate to contact Findlay Roofing to help you in this situation.

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