It’s Wintertime: Is Roof Repair Possible?

It’s Wintertime: Is Roof Repair Possible?

In the heat of summer, and from early spring to fall— it's common to see teams of roofers scattered through Cobb, feverishly reroofing and making repairs. Once winter comes, you won't see the same sights, but that doesn't mean winter roof repairs aren't possible. Sure, it's more dangerous to get on the roof in icy and snowy conditions. However, if your roof has sprung a leak, a reputable roofing professional will do what it takes to preserve your home.

Here's how the contractor will assess the job:

  • Is it safe? If temperatures are below freezing, it won't make sense to put crews at risk.
  • Is the weather ideal? Aside from safety, the proper installation of the roof depends on the temperature, too. For example, the shingles won't seal until the weather warms to 50 to 70 degrees (depending on the shingle). Nail guns won't work in below-freezing conditions, which means crews will need to hand-nail the roof (a process that can drive up the project's cost).
  • Is it unnecessary? As a homeowner with an eye on budget, you'll want to limit the amount of unnecessary work that's done to your roof during winter. If your roof requires immediate repairs, by all means— go for it. Your roofing contractor should be able to implement a fix to carry you through to spring - or at least through to a spell of warmer weather.
  • Is it required? Repairing damaged underlayment and damaged shingles makes sense, especially because cold weather causes underlayment to break and shingles to crack. If you wait on these kinds of repairs, you'll likely find conditions worsen in the spring. In addition, the repair will likely cost more because you waited.

Go ahead. Give winter roof repair the green light. If you need something fixed, don't wait for the problem to worsen. Give the roofing experts at Findlay Roofing a call today. We'll schedule an appointment that will get your roof back in good condition as quickly as possible.

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