Looking for a roofing company? Ask these 5 questions before you make your decision.

Looking for a roofing company? Ask these 5 questions before you make your decision.

The risks of hiring a sub par roofing contractor are clear. You can end up with property damage, legal trouble over insurance claims and faulty work that needs to be fixed by a skilled roofer. You can avoid these problems when you hire a roofing company with a reputation for quality work in Atlanta's northern suburbs. Here are five questions to ask before the job begins.
1. Do you have proof of insurance?

General liability insurance and workers compensation insurance are two musts for any company doing work on your home. If there is an accident during the job and the roofer is not covered with workers comp, it would become your responsibility. The same question arises when damage to your home occurs over the course of the roofing work. Without liability insurance, you will likely be stuck with the bill.

2. Are you a local company that guarantees work?

Hiring an out-of-town company to do your roofing work is a terrible idea. For starters, you have no proof they can handle roofs on homes in Sandy Springs or Buckhead. Second, you have no way of going after the company if the work is lackluster and you need to put in a claim. As far as guarantees are concerned, look for a 25-year warranty for a new roof and a 10-year warranty for labor.

3. What are your customer service policies during the job?

A roofing company may be excellent when it comes to handiwork, but you will need a contact person during the job. This same person will know your concerns from the start and be accountable throughout the job. Without a personal contact, you may end up being bounced around between operators and people who have no idea of the specifics. You deserve better customer service.

4. How will the work impact my property?

Inexperienced roofers will create a mess around a homeowner's property during a project. Find out what the roofer's policies are with respect to material waste and protecting other elements of your roof and grounds. Roofers with clumsy crews can end up splitting gutters or uprooting bushes when their teams are let loose.

5. What happens when the unforeseen arrives?

No roofer can see into the future, so there may be issues that arise during the work. Whether a heavy storm hits town or some extra materials are needed to get the job done, ask about the roofer's policy. You should be notified if your bill is going up, and the roofer should have a clear plan in place to protect your home in case of extreme weather.

Contact Findlay Roofing if you have any questions about a roofing project. With over 40,000 roofs replaced in the Atlanta area, Findlay is a roofing company to trust.

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