Metal Roofing: Here are your many options

Metal Roofing: Here are your many options

Metal roofs have come a long way over the years. While once considered an option only for industrial buildings and other functional structures, metal now replaces asphalt, slate, and tile in many high-end roofs. Its ability to outlast other roofing materials make it an attractive, green option for homeowners. Here is a look at the many styles of metal roofing available.

  • Metal shingles: If you love the look of asphalt or slate shingles but want increased durability, metal shingles are a solution to consider. They mimic the appearance of natural materials. While the upfront cost of metal shingles is can seem high, you will benefit from the lifespan of a metal roof. Warranties often reach 50 years for this type of roofing material, which is about three times that of asphalt.
  • Metal shake: Wooden shake has an unmistakable appearance yet is a difficult material to maintain over time. The metal version of shake offers you additional colors while providing a close match to the look of natural wood. Metal shake offers unmatched durability compared to wood. In fact, it can stand up to 140 mph winds, which is hopefully far above what you will see around Marietta.
  • Metal tile: While metal roofing is about three times more expensive than asphalt shingles, the price gap evens out when compared to natural tile roofs. In addition to the high cost of tile roofs, they are quite heavy and are expensive to maintain. Metal tile roofs use steel coating with stone to achieve the look of classic tile at a comparable price point while weighing far less than natural tile.
  • Vertical seam roofs: In their crudest form, vertical panels serve as functional roofs for metal garages, sheds, and farm houses. The painted and coated version of this metal roof type offers homeowners with a very modern structure (or cabin in the country) a viable option. Between the shaping and coloring of modern vertical seam roofs, they have the ability to deliver high style along with functionality.

If you are concerned about environmental impact, metal roofing contains nearly 30 percent of recycled content, which is far better than asphalt. Its longer lifespan makes it the option to choose when you want less of a long-term impact. Lower energy bills may even be part of the package.

When considering which materials will work best for your next roof, it is worthwhile to explore metal options along with asphalt shingles and other styles. It may be the last roof you ever have to buy.

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