Mixing home siding? Yes, you can!

Mixing home siding? Yes, you can!

It used to be that north Atlanta homeowners could choose from just a few home siding colors when they were remodeling or updating their home's look. Today, however, mixing home siding is among your options along with choosing high-quality materials such as stone or brick. If your budget is limited, you can still opt to highlight a small area of your home's siding with expensive, durable stone, for example, while wrapping the rest of the home with a more cost-effective material.

Mixing home siding materials isn't very difficult, but your budget can get out of control if you don't keep an eye on costs. To enhance your home's design while keeping costs down, consider these tips:

Make an impact around the entryway

Use more expensive siding materials around the front doorway. This will enhance the aesthetic of the home and really give your curb appeal an A+ rating.

Use higher-priced home siding in outdoor areas

Outdoor living areas increase your home's living spaces, and using real stone or brick on a feature wall here creates a lot of bang for your buck. You can also enhance the living space with coordinating colors and styles of fencing and decking.

Opt for a rustic look

Manufacturers are creating a rustic shaker shingle with PVC. This feature was once only available in wood and was limited in use. With the more affordable option, more homeowners are considering alternating home siding.

Go dark

In the past, darker-colored siding faded quickly from the weather. Today's darker colors can withstand sun and wind to keep their darker hue and increase the siding's performance value. Homeowners are now opting to mix lighter color siding with darker colors to create a stylish look.

Emphasize accessories

For a limited budget, put your money toward accessories that offer a unique look. You can choose siding accessories with a wood grain, a thicker profile or a complementary color. For instance, adding trim to your home with a different color than the siding gives the home dimension.

For more expert help mixing home siding, contact Findlay Roofing today! We are happy to help our neighbors in Rockdale and the surrounding areas with home siding, roofing, windows and more.

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