Most Common Types of Roof Damage Threatening Your Home

Most Common Types of Roof Damage Threatening Your Home

We see certain types of roof damage far more often than others - here are some of the most common types, and why you need to seek out repairs immediately if you experience these problems.

Moisture Damage

Moisture is always bad news when it goes past your shingles. Many different problems can cause moisture damage, from cracks and loose tile to failed sealants, torn underlayments, and more. Moisture can cause decay, rot, mildew, mold, moss - and invite a host of pests to take advantage of your weakened roof and house structure.

The most common signs of moisture damage are the dreaded stained ceiling or walls. However, moisture damage can occur long before these signs show up, so quality roof maintenance is very important.

Punctures and Cracks

While closely related to moisture damage, punctures and cracks are in a category of their own, because they tend to have very direct, often preventable causes. One of the most common causes is poor installation or maintenance. Some parts of your roof are very fragile, and careless steps or improper use of tools can puncture seals, tear underlayments or moisture barriers, and crack flashing. If you don't know what you are doing, always leave work to an expert roof technician to prevent roof damage.

A more rare cause of punctures and cracks is flying debris, which occurs during strong windstorms. Check your roof after a bad storm for signs of damage.

Loose and Broken Shingles

Shingles aren't made to last forever, and when they are improperly installed the damage gets even worse. Strong winds, especially in the presence of weak flashing and bad adhesives, will blow off shingles and leave parts of your roof bare. Associated debris and heavy hail can also break and tear away shingles. When this occurs, it is important to quickly replace the shingles with new patches.

Worn-Down Roofing Materials

Bare, grayed-out shingles, piles of shingle granules, rust and moss are all signs of an old roof that needs serious work or a full replacement. When materials enter the last years of their life span, they grow old and fragile. A professional roofer can tell with a quick inspection if your roof needs one of these common replacement or repair jobs.

Ponding Water

This is a little less common, but we are seeing this sort of roof damage grow as more modern, flat rooftop styles become popular. A flat roof must be delicately angled and sealed if you want to avoid water forming small pools on the roof every time it rains. Those pools will cause moisture damage if left alone, and they are a sign that you need repair work.

Structural Damage

Structural damage occurs if the supports under your roof start shifting or failing. Your roof may buckle, tilt, or experience other odd issues. This is a very serious problem that often requires a large repair project to treat.

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